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Mōri Motonari was an altered representation of one of Hattori Hanzō's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


First dialogue

  • Kiyonobu: My, if it isn't Hattori Hanzō! Welcome, friend. Do come in!
  • Hattori: So warmly you welcome me. Forgive me for assuming that something is amiss.
  • Kiyonobu: Hanzō! I am shocked you would suspect me of such a thing!
  • Hattori: Well?
  • Kiyonobu: You may be right. I have a message from Ieyasu. He requires your services.
  • Hattori: What am I to do?
  • Kiyonobu: As you know, Japan is on course to be united. Oda Nobunaga has started the wheel turning, and our lord Ieyasu will finish his work.
  • Hattori: My interest in politics is negligible. Tell me what needs to be done.
  • Kiyonobu: I care little for Nobunaga's ambition, but it must be fulfilled. All pieces must be in play before Ieyasu can claim his rightful place. Right now, one great daimyo stands in the way.
  • Hattori: And I am to deal with this daimyo?
  • Kiyonobu: I said no such thing! I only implied it.
  • Hattori: Enough of your games! Just tell me who it is
  • Kiyonobu: Very well. His name is Mōri Motonari.
  • Hattori: Motonari? What is there to be gained by eliminating him? Certainly age will claim him soon enough.
  • Kiyonobu: The old man may not have strength to wield a sword, but he still rules all of Chūgoku. And he's never been one to speak softly regarding his grudge against Nobunaga.
  • Hattori: So I'm to kill an old man because he talks too much.
  • Kiyonobu: Exactly! I don't see why this was so difficult for you to understand!
  • Hattori: If it is the will of my lord, I will see it done.
  • Kiyonobu: Good, good. Until next time.


  • Motonari: Hattori Hanzō, turned aside by an old man? The rumors of your skill must have been greatly exaggerated.
  • Hattori: As were the rumors of your frailty, it seems.
  • Motonari: Oh but I am. I would not dare face you in single combat. Guards!
  • Hattori: Even I cannot stand against so many samurai. I must escape!


  • Motonari: What have you done? Without me, who will stand against Nobunaga?
  • Hattori: Nobunaga must be allowed to rise, so he can then fall. The Mori stand in the way of that rise.
  • Motonari: I see there are machinations beyond my own at work here. You have come on behalf of Hideyoshi?
  • Hattori: No. I serve Tokugawa Ieyasu.
  • Motonari: It seems that even those who claim to be allies are but snakes.
  • Hattori: You were never one to stray from a false alliance, Motonari.
  • Motonari: I did not exclude myself from being a snake. But it matters little. If Japan is destined to be unified, I would rather not live to see it myself.
  • Hattori: I pray Mōri Terumoto thinks differently. With the right alliances, the Mori clan could remain strong.
  • Motonari: My grandson is a fool! Without me to hold his hand, he will lead the Mori straight to ruin. If only Takamoto still lived... that wasn't your doing as well, was it?
  • Hattori: No. I played no part in your son's passing.
  • Motonari: Good. Then I can go to rest believing I punished the correct people.
  • Hattori: Rest, then. It is time.


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