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Möngke Khan (11 January 1209 – 11 August 1259), was the fourth Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, ruling from July 1, 1251, to August 11, 1259. As the eldest son of Genghis Khan, the first Great Khan from the Toluid dynasty and made significant reforms to improve the administration of the Empire during his reign. Under Möngke, the Mongols conquered Iraq and Syria and pushed forward their conquest of China.

Möngke was also the founder of the Mongolian Rite of the Templar Order, having been taught the Templar ideals by a Templar Knight that was captured during the Battle of Legnica. Some years later, he would induct one of his sons, Asutai into the Order. The Khan also possessed one of the three prongs of the Trident of Eden with which he was buried with.

On 11 August 1259, Möngke launched an assault on Diaoyu Fortress, which was under the Chinese control. During the attack, he was killed by Zhang Zhi, who had sought revenge for her father, a Chinese commander, and Assassin that was killed by Bayan.



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