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Máximo Barrosa (fl. 15th–16th century) was an Assassin of the Spanish Brotherhood. Hailing from the same village as Aguilar de Nerha, the two were recruited into the Brotherhood around the same time and fought together against the Spanish Inquisition.


Born into a humble peasant family in rural Spain, Máximo Barrosa grew up with Aguilar de Nerha, another boy from the same village who he admired as an older brother. Aguilar was his idol, and he constantly tried his best to emulate him. Unlike Aguilar, however, Máximo had no Assassin heritage. For Máximo's family, this may have been a blessing, for it was not his parents but Aguilar's who were captured by Templars and burned at the stake by the Inquisition. Nevertheless, Máximo shared with Aguilar his pain and horror as the two beheld the traumatic event.[1]

The tragedy led Aguilar to leave their hometown and train with the Assassins so that he may one day avenge his parents.[2] It would be years before Máximo saw his childhood friend again. When Aguilar returned, he finally introduced Máximo to the Assassin's Creed and invited him to join his cause against the Inquisition. Just as eager as he had been as a child to follow in Aguilar's footsteps, Máximo joined the Spanish Brotherhood in 1492—at that point still a young man.[1]

Personality and characteristics

Because of his brotherly love for Aguilar de Nerha, Máximo Barrosa was sincerely devoted to the Assassins and their fight against the Inquisition which had caused his friend so much grief.[1]

Equipment and skills

Máximo was purely a field operative, specializing in stealth and assassination techniques while offering next to nothing to the Brotherhood in the way of technical skills. His light and swift-footed physique meant that while he was a natural at moving silently, he was more vulnerable in open conflict.[3] This was in contrast to Aguilar, who was well-trained in swordplay and could fall back on it when needed but was otherwise mediocre in social stealth and had to rely on parkour to elude detection.[4] In addition, Máximo's dexterous style made him similar to Mateo Galan, but while Mateo was a killing machine,[5] Máximo favored relying on his talent to avoid encounters altogether if he could help it. Even still, when overextended and forced to fight, he was known for being able to draw upon his intense ambition and drive to focus himself in the fray.[3]

Behind the scenes

Máximo Barroso is a playable character in the mobile game Assassin's Creed: Rebellion. He is a Common hero of the Shadow: Stealth class.


Máximo is a Spanish diminutive of the Latin Maximus meaning 'greatest'.[6] The surname Barroso is a Spanish surname derived from barrera which referred to a barrier and denoted that the family originally lived beside a gate or fence. [citation needed]




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