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Lysander (died 395 BCE) was a Spartan admiral who lived during the Peloponnesian War.


In 429 BCE, Lysander made the acquaintance of the misthios Kassandra, tasking her to retrieve the military seals of Athenian strategoi.[1]

At some point during the Peloponnesian War, a spy working for Athens reported that Lysander was travelling aboard the ship Lakedaimonia. This was enough for Athens to offer a notable bounty to whoever could sink the ship. The report turned out to be wrong, however.[2]


  • The name Lysander is Greek in origin, derived from the name Λυσανδρος (Lysandros) which means 'release of man'.
  • Historically, Lysander is not known to have been a major participator in the Peloponnesian War until the later half of the second part.




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