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In Aletheia's simulations, Lyra was a woman who resided in the Oikos near the Polyorophos Gardens in Atlantis. She was experimented on by Aita for the Olympos Project which gave her the characteristics of lycanthropy.


Lyra was one of the humans who were abducted by the Isu Aita for his experimentations as part of the Olympos Project,[1] which resulted in her being turned into a lycanthrope.[2] However, she was able escape the chamber before the experimentation could be completed and returned to her home.

As a result of the incomplete experiment, Lyra began turning into her wolf form and went about killing the civilians in the city. When she reverted back to her human form, she would find herself drenched in blood with no recollection of her actions unlike the civilian witnesses. As such, she was accused by the citizens of her murders who demanded her death. Lyra was later saved by the Spartan misthios Kassandra, who agreed to help her investigate the murders. Once it was completed, Kassandra declared her innocent.[2]

Sometime thereafter, Lyra again transformed into her wolf state and was tracked by Kassandra to the Polyorophos Gardens. Reverting to her human form after being defeated by Kassandra, Lyra was shocked to learn the truth surrounding her own condition and the murders.[2]


Behind the scenes

Lyra is a character introduced in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, only in The Fate of Atlantis: Judgment of Atlantis.

Depending on the choices made in the memory "In Dreams", it will affect the memory "Deadly Little Secrets" later in the storyline. If Lyra chose to commit suicide, she will not appear in the memory but will be mentioned by Kassandra after she found out what Lyra had gone through. If Lyra lived, she will later be abducted once again and held in the experimental chamber alongside Damades and Rhene, with Kassandra finding her fate.



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