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Lykaon was a Greek healer who lived and worked in the Chora of Delphi.

He was haunted just like his grandmother, Praxithea, and sister, Agave, over the false prophecies the former had given during her time as Pythia under the control of the Cult of Kosmos. By 431 BCE, he had become convinced that the only means to redeem their family was to execute his grandmother with his own hands. Before he could carry out this scheme, he made the acquaintance of the Spartan misthios Kassandra after she offered her services in delivering medicine to his patients. In the meantime, Praxithea had been kidnapped by bandits on the orders of the Cult, and, upon rescuing her, Kassandra was able to convince Lykaon to abandon his plan and forgive his grandmother.


Lykaon was treating a patient when he first met Kassandra. He tasked her with finding the medicinal mandrake plants near a wolf-infested stream. She then delivered the mixture he made from the herbs to three of his patients.[1]

Upon her return, he led Kassandra to the house of his grandmother, Praxithea, a former Pythia who had been coerced by the Cult of Kosmos into giving false prophecies. Lykaon believed that his grandmother had to die for the sins she had committed. He would have carried out the deed himself had his grandmother not been kidnapped by unknown assailants, as told to them by Lykaon's sister, Agave.[2]

Kassandra rescued the grandmother at the behest of Lykaon. When Lykaon was eventually reunited with his grandmother, they reconciled, and Praxithea promised to live an honest life from then on.[3]





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