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Lupo Gallego was an Assassin of the Spanish Brotherhood during the Spanish Inquisition.


Lupo Gallego was known throughout Spain as the legendary King of Thieves in the late 15th century. He was the founder and leader of the Spanish Thieves' Guild based out of Madrid, which earned a massive fortune while paying tremendous bribes to corrupt officials and the Spanish Inquisition to ensure continued operation.

Reputed to be the greatest thief to have ever lived, accounts state that Lupo was able to pilfer anything, from anyone, at any time without warning or detection. He eventually became the father of two beautiful daughters, Luisa and Rosa, who he trained in the countless secrets of the family business.

As the Inquisition grew in power, King Ferdinand, through the influence of Grand Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada, claimed an example needed to be made in the name of the Catholic Church. This set in motion a bloody conflict between the Thieves' Guild and Inquisition soldiers that Lupo knew he could not win alone. In desperate need of allies, Lupo and his Guild sided with the Brotherhood of Assassins, embraced the Creed and never looked back.

Personality and traits

Lupo was a pragmatic man who was only concerned with profits, never politics.




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