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Lukas Zurburg

Lukas Zurburg (born 28 October 1322) was a member of the German Brotherhood of Assassins.


Born in Essen, Lukas was recruited into the Assassin Order at the age of sixteen after a group of Assassins saved him from a thief, who tried to rob Lukas while traveling.[1]

In 1348, the plague hit Essen, wiping out nearly half the town's population. Subsequently, a group called the Brothers of the Cross – a secret Templar organization – started traveling through Germany promising protection from the plague. Lukas suspected they were after the Ankh, an ancient artifact said to be located somewhere in central Europe.[1]

In 1350, both the Brothers of the Cross and Lukas Zurbug mysteriously vanished. Lukas had two children with Martina Wagner: Christof Ison and Wolfgang Scholz.[1]




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