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Luis Chico was a Spanish Assassin who, prior to joining the Brotherhood, was the leader of a young gang of thieves named the Cien Ojos.


At an early age, Luis Chico was abandoned as an orphan in the streets of Madrid, forcing him to turn to thievery to survive. Thanks to his audacity and charisma, he eventually formed his own gang with other young thieves, dubbing themselves the Cien Ojos ("Hundred Eyes"). Together they robbed wealthy merchants and nobles, reaching higher and higher until they dared to target even the Spanish Inquisition.[1]

This last act ended in tragedy owing to the Inquisition's connection to the Templars; an attempted burglary of a Templar villa resulted in the deaths of all of Luis's friends with him as the sole survivor. Determined to avenge them, Luis joined the Assassins, dedicating his thievery talents to their cause, and from then on resolved to steal exclusively from Templars.[1]

Personality and traits

Like many orphans forced to survive on their own in poverty, Luis Chico adapted by relying on robbery. Growing up in these circumstances led to him becoming a talented thief, and his gang's successes were such that they were confident enough to aim for ambitious targets. Nevertheless, their skills were not limitless, and they demonstrated their fallibility when they challenged the Spanish Inquisition and the Templars themselves and failed.[1]

As the leader of this foolhardy operation, Luis exhibited his characteristic audacity. His gang, while daring, were rash and reached too high. Even so, this same fiery personality was what allowed him to empower his friends and unify them under his leadership.[1]


  • Luis is derived from the Germanic name Ludwig, meaning 'famous warrior'. Chico is Spanish for 'small, boy' and 'child'.
  • Luis shares his backstory and character design with the contemporary Roman Templar Lanz and the Footpad Animi Avatar in Abstergo Industries' primary stage of the Animi Training Program. Their resemblance is reinforced by their gang's identical names, albeit in different languages: Luis's Cien Ojos and Lanz's Cento Occhi both translate to "Hundred Eyes".