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Aquilus overlooking Lugdunum

Lugdunum (modern: Lyon, France) was a city located in the Roman Empire, which was also the capital of the Roman Gaul. The city was the home to a branch of the Assassin Brotherhood, including the Assassins Aquilus and his father Lucius.

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After his confrontation with general Gracchus, Aquilus traveled back to his hometown to bring the Ankh to his father.[1]

When he arrived in Lugdunum, he found his father in good health, and met a family friend, Senator Caïus Fulvus Vultur. Aquilus almost immediately set out to find the person responsible for his betrayal, and so he sought out Faustin. After a brief interrogation, Faustin betrayed his accomplice: Senator Vultur.[1]

When Aquilus arrived at his house once again, he found his father dead and the Ankh stolen. One of the maids told him the senator had fled the city.[1]

Not much later, the Alemanni moved in on Lugdunum, though their leader, Accipiter, was hesitant to plunder the city because of the Assassins' interests. Instead of plundering it, a deal was made with the Prefect of Lugdunum. The city paid a large sum of gold to keep the Alemanni from invading the city, which made an easy victory for the Alemans.[2]