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"In war and in love there is only one goal; The search for a better future."
―Lug the Polymath[src]-[m]

Lug the Polymath was an Isu who later became known as a god of the Irish and broader Celtic Pantheon as Lugh or Lugus.

Within the Isu structure beneath Stonehenge, several steles engraved with mysterious quotes were discovered by the Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir as she recovered the Sword of Eden Excalibur during the 870s.[1]

By 2020, the modern day Assassins were able to decipher the script beneath Stonehenge through the efforts of the linguist Antony Henry, who had discovered a way to translate one of the Isu dialects into English. With this knowledge, he translated the text and sent the information as a digital folder to Layla Hassan as she relived Eivor's genetic memories.[2]



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