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Ludger Duvernay (1799 – 1852) was a Canadian journalist and a member of the Canadian Brotherhood of Assassins.

In 1832, Duvernay posted a number of articles accusing the Canadian administration of serving the Château Clique, the local leaders of the Templars at that time. The Assassins financed him, hoping to expose the government's connections to the Templars.[1]

A few weeks later, Duvernay was arrested and imprisoned on charges of spreading false information, and the Clique even rallied the public against Duvernay. The Assassins quickly freed Duvernay from jail. After his release, Duvernay founded the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society, hoping to spiritually unify Quebec and gain independence from Canada.[1]

On 24 June 1834, Duvernay orchestrated a soirée for his secret society, rallying his followers to stand up against the Oppressors.[2]

Ludger had two children with Camille Dupuis; Guy Menard and Samuel Lucier.[1]