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This article, or article section, is non-canon. Although licensed by Ubisoft or their affiliates, the information that follows is not considered a part of the Assassin's Creed timeline.

Lucy Stillman

Lucy Stillman was an Assassin operating undercover at Abstergo Industries.


In 2012, Lucy was sent on a mission by Abstergo to kidnap Desmond Miles. To this end, she seduced him as he was bartending in the L'Horizon pub in Paris at and drugged him unconscious.[1]

Two days later, Lucy and Warren Vidic supervised Desmond's reliving of Aquilus' genetic memories when Aquilus was injured and the data feed cut out. The high-ranking Templars in audience complained and called for Desmond's replacement, though Lucy interrupted them and argued against it, citing that research showed Aquilus survived and this was only a minor setback. The Templars said they would discuss her proposition and left. Vidic cautioned her on her attitude before leaving her to take care of the unconscious Desmond while he verified the Animus. She awakened Desmond, told him to relax and that she would be back in an hour to check up on him.[1]

Upon returning, Desmond grabbed her, having remembered her part in his kidnapping. She argued that she was not his enemy and his life was hanging by a thread when Vidic walked in. Desmond was still agitated, so Vidic jabbed him with a sedative and ushered him back into the Animus. Though Lucy protested, Vidic made it clear that they had no other choice. Lucy then made a call to her Assassin allies informing them of the problems arising.[1]

As she ended the call, an executive asked about her not being in the Animus, which she responded by saying she was heading to the central hub first, because she noticed that the surveillance system in Miles' room was not fully operational. At the hub, she set up the alterations needed for her and Desmond's escape, before going to the Animus room. Vidic and Lucy argued once again after the executives proposed killing Desmond, having already discovered the map they sought. A small time later, Lucy convinced Desmond to trust her and they escaped from Abstergo, but not before she stole scans from their Animus.[1]

Lucy drove them to a safehouse where Tom awaited. On the way there, she explained to Desmond the basics of the Assassin-Templar War. They were soon joined by Clay Kaczmarek who demanded to be put into an Animus, threatening all of them. Lucy knocked him out and asked Tom to move Clay to somewhere where he wouldn't harm himself or their project. They then placed Desmond in Tom's Animus, where he relived the memories of Italian Assassin Ezio Auditore in 1459.[1]

Some time after, Lucy and Desmond were joined by Rebecca Crane and Shaun Hastings, who accompanied them as they traveled in an unmarked truck. Lucy, Rebecca and Desmond were in the back of the truck which contained a fully functioning Animus. Though Desmond was apprehensive, Lucy convinced him to go into the memories of Aquilus again. During their journey, the Assassins were attacked by Templars, who forced their vehicle from the mountain road they were on and shot their driver. Shaun, Rebecca, Desmond and Lucy fended off the attack.[2]

Geier suggested that Abstergo had planted a bug on them, which they scoured the truck looking for, finding nothing. After Desmond had relived more of Aquilus' memories, he made everyone stop and get out of the van, where he asked for Shaun's gun and shot Geier in the leg. They used a phone taken from the body of one of their Templar attackers and dialed the last known contact, causing Geier's phone to ring. Desmond killed Geier with a bullet to the head, and they continued on their way to Monteriggioni.[2]

In the Villa Auditore, Rebecca told Lucy to not neglect her feelings for Desmond, but Lucy shut down the conversation. Later, when Templar agents attacked the Villa, Lucy and Desmond eliminated them and kissed, though Lucy said they should focus on their mission. After Desmond discovered the location of the Ankh, the Assassins discussed what would be their next step when they were interrupted by a call from Stella Crow and the arrival of Jonathan Hawk.[3][4]