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AC3 Lucid Memory

Ratonhnhaké:ton standing by a lucid memory fragment

Lucid Memory Fragments were collectible items found by Ratonhnhaké:ton in an alternate reality created by the Apple of Eden. Collecting sets of memory fragments confirmed Ratonhnhaké:ton's suspicion that the events he was experiencing, in which George Washington was a tyrant king, were not a true reality.[1]

Each fragment was split into smaller "artifacts", visual cues from the true timeline such as the place itself or physical objects that showed a particularly memorable event that Ratonhaké:ton participated in,[1] ranging from the aftermath of his Nexus vision as a young man,[2] to the deaths of Haytham Kenway[3] and Charles Lee a decade later.[4] The final artifact, however, gave Ratonhaké:ton a fleeting glimpse into the future,[5] foretelling the final moments in the life of one of his descendants, Desmond Miles.[6] Furthermore, collecting all the fragments restored Ratonhnhaké:ton's memory of the events leading to the alternate timeline.[5]

Memory locations[]

With the exception of the final artifact, most of them were located in areas that Ratonhnhaké:ton had visited when he made the original memories. Approaching within close proximity to the artifact caused the Apple's simulation to become unstable and glitch. Upon interacting with said artifact, it displayed a holographic still image from the memory in question. After colleting all the artifacts in a region, Ratonhnhaké:ton was directed to another location to experience a fragment of his memory before entering the alternate timeline.[1]

The artifacts were represented on the Animus map function by an icon resembling a piece of paper with a glitched upper-left half. The fragments showed as a hooded Assassin in red, while visiting them revealed they took the appearance of a ghostly Ratonhnhaké:ton in Assassin robes instead of wolf pelt attire.[1]

Region Location Collectible Memory
Frontier[7] East of Kanatahséton Artifact Something to Remember
West half of Valley Forge Artifact Broken Trust
Burnt shell of Last Drink tavern in Monmouth Artifact Chasing Lee
A cave in northern Scotch Plains Fragment N/A
Boston[8] Southeast of Old North Church Artifact A Boorish Man
Across from Old State House Artifact A Trip to Boston
South of Green Dragon Tavern Artifact On Johnson's Trail
Top of a ship in north
end of Boston Harbor
Fragment N/A
New York City[5] North of St. Paul's Chapel Artifact Public Execution
Fort George Artifact Lee's Last Stand
Viewpoint north of
Smith and Company Brewery
Artifact Second Disaster
Top of a ship in New York Harbor Fragment N/A

Memory fragments[]

Connor sat against a rock by a fire in the Frontier at night while a dark figure on horseback raced through a field. He removed the Hidden Blade from his bracer and set aside both his Assassin Tomahawk and water skin to settle in for the night, all as the unknown person galloped closer. The figure stopped their horse within eyesight of the fire, revealing themselves as George Washington, before continuing onward. On hearing the horse snort, Connor warily looked to the shadows outside his camp.

George Washington's horse slowed from its gallop at the edge of the camp.

  • George: Connor! Thank God I've found you!

He dismounted.

  • Connor: Commander Washington?
  • George: I'm attacked by a new enemy. I fear I will succumb.

He walked closer to the fire.

  • Connor: What has come over you?
  • George: Goddamn it, man! I need your help!

Connor frowned in concern.

  • Connor: Perhaps you should sit and tell me the problem.

George sat on the rock Connor had been leaning on as Connor lowered to a squat.

  • George: My god. I don't know what's happened. I've become... It's the dreams. They're driving me mad.
  • Connor: I never thought you were a man that would be disturbed by dreams.
  • George: You don't know. You can't understand... They beguile me with fantastical visions. In my dreams, I'm at Mount Vernon during the war.

George abruptly stood up and stepped away from the fire.

  • George: In fact, in the dream, there is no war. I stay with Martha, tending to my fields. Peaceful and content.

Connor looked up and replied scornfully, disbelieving how what George said was a nightmare.

  • Connor: It sounds like paradise.

George turned to face Connor.

  • George: No, they don't stop there, the peace of the vision pushes me to—The dreams, they become unspeakable.

He pointed his hand.

  • George: You are in them, Connor.

He turned away and withdrew something from his coat pocket, then faced the fire again, revealing the object to be an Apple of Eden.

  • George: I believe the visions come from this.
Connor stood up in shock.

Connor cautiously walked closer and pointed at the Apple.

  • Connor: Where did you get it?

The two stood face to face.

  • George: It was taken from a captured officer at Yorktown. There was something compelling about it, so I kept it on my person. It's strange, for I cannot remember that officer's face.

Connor reached his hands for the Apple.

  • Connor: May I see it?

George quickly withdrew, clutching the Apple to himself covetously. Connor stepped forward, and the Apple began to glow.

  • Connor: You are not thinking clearly.

George looked at the Apple as it glowed brighter.

  • George: You're right. It is the dreams, the dreams that come from this Apple.
George extended the Apple towards Connor, and just as he grabbed it, the Apple let off a blinding light and enveloped them both in its simulation.



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