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"Disorder grips Monteriggioni. [...] This is not natural for our humble community; I suspect we are dealing with a skilled manipulator."
―Mario Auditore, regarding Luciano.[src]

Luciano Pezzati was an Italian nobleman working for the Florentine government and aided in its attempts to conquer the Tuscan countryside.


"Luciano Pezzati. Just a name for now, but we know he is hiding in Monteriggioni. We will find him!"
―Mario Auditore.[src]

In 1454, Luciano went to live undercover in Monteriggioni, Tuscany, in order to gather information about the town and its government.[1]

He also began sowing discord amongst the town's citizens, incited fights, and caused chaos on the streets in order to weaken the town for the impending Florentine siege.[1]

Monteriggioni's ruler at the time, Mario Auditore, recognized the disorder in his city as the "clouds before the storm," and thus sent several of his men to search for the agitator. Though many citizens testified several potential names, Luciano's was brought up most often.[1]

Luciano hired several mercenaries to defend him, and a battle ensued between them and Mario's own forces. Casualties resulted on both sides, but Luciano was eventually forced to take refuge in Monteriggioni's inn.[1]

After Mario and his men broke through the door, Luciano faced them alone, armed only with a dagger. He and Mario then engaged in a duel, proving equal matches, and initially drawing little blood despite their furious attacks.[1]

Luciano dueling Mario

Over time however, Mario gained the upper hand and stabbed Luciano in the shoulder, disarming him. Though Luciano attempted to draw a second blade, he was swiftly knocked unconscious.[1]

Afterwards, Luciano was taken captive and interrogated in the Villa Auditore, where he eventually revealed that the Florentine army led by Federico da Montefeltro was approaching Monteriggioni in order to besiege it, and retrieve the treasure rumored to be hidden beneath its walls.[1]