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Luciano Cavazza was an Assassin of the Italian Brotherhood who travelled to Spain during the Spanish Inquisition.


Born during the Renaissance, Luciano Cavazza was an Italian Assassin from Venice noted to be an extremely efficient, stone-cold killer. Hailing from a family of Assassins, he and his younger sister were both trained from an early age to eventually join the Brotherhood.

During a botched mission, Luciano's sister was caught and interrogated mercilessly by members of the Templar Order. Despite being severely tortured, she refused to divulge any of the Brotherhood's secrets; she was killed and her body was dumped unceremoniously into the local canal.

Blaming himself and the Templars for her horrible death, a deep hatred blossomed inside Luciano, causing him to methodically hunt and kill every Templar he could uncover. His violent, sometimes careless tactics nearly caused him to be expelled when his body count and lack of discretion drew too much attention to the Italian Brotherhood.

After Ezio became Mentor of the Italian Brotherhood, he decided to send Luciano to Spain to support their local Brotherhood, hoping to prevent him from attracting additional attention to the Italian Assassins


  • Though Luciano shares his family name with both Fiora Cavazza and Fabiola Cavazza, any relation between the Assassin and the two Templars remains unclear.



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