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Luciano Cavazza was an Assassin of the Italian Brotherhood. His aptitude for field missions translated into an assassination spree of Templars upon the torture and execution of his sister at their hands. After nearly exposing his Guild multiple times over his reckless obsession, he was transferred to the Spanish Brotherhood at the height of the Reconquista.


Born in the 15th century to a family of Assassins, Luciano Cavazza and his younger sister were naturally trained at an early for eventual induction in the Assassin Brotherhood.[1]

While Luciano was noted to be a highly efficient agent, he and his sister nonetheless came to horribly botch a mission. In the midst of the disaster, Luciano's sister was captured whereupon she was brutally interrogated by the Templars. Despite being mercilessly tortured, she ultimately refused to divulge any of the Brotherhood's secrets and was executed. Her body was unceremoniously dumped into a local canal.[1]

Blaming himself and the Templars for her tragic demise, Luciano thereupon cultivated a deep hatred for the Templars. His modus operandi shifted to methodically and indiscriminately hunting and killing every last Templar he could uncover. Nonetheless, his obsession sometimes gave way to excessive violence and carelessness, nearly compromising the Italian Brotherhood on several occasions by drawing too much attention to it.[1]

As a result, he was nearly expelled from the Brotherhood until Ezio Auditore da Firenze became Mentor of the Guild. Ezio's solution was instead to send Luciano to Spain to support its local branch in its fight against the Spanish Inquisition, in the hopes that this would divert any further attention to the Italian Assassins.[1]

Personality and traits

Even before his sister's death, Luciano Cavazza was renowned for his exceptional efficiency as a field operative, a skill he honed through his emotionless and calculating approach to missions. He was merciless with his assassinations, a trait that manifested violently when he had to cope with the loss of his sister. Despite his reputation as a cold-hearted killer, he was not entirely heartless, for he loved his sister dearly.[1]

Nevertheless, he dealt with his trauma by venting it through the work he was best at: assassinations. While his meticulous methodology continued to serve as the bedrock for his operations, the paradoxical, vindictive fuel that now underlay them inevitably produced indiscreet results as he tunnel-visioned on kill after kill. His former stoic persona then gave way to the fury and guilt seething within his heart, leaking out in impulsive actions that even endangered his brethren.[1]