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Love or Duty was a visual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


The gods promise that all shall be reunited in the afterlife. Het knows that his wife followed him into Aaru, so why is she not by his side?


Bayek visited the House of the Threshed Grain in Aaru, where he found a man sitinng on a bench. He approached the man.

  • Het: Are you married, (Seni)?
  • Bayek: Once, but no longer.
  • Het: I'm sorry, I don't mean to open old wounds. My wife would chide me for prying... if she was here. She passed through the Hall of Two Truths, I am sure of it. But then why hasn't she joined me? Even the damned Ren ritual didn't work.
ACO Love or Duty 2

Het informing Bayek of his situation

  • Bayek: You spoke her true name?
  • Het: Should I accept that I will never see her again?
  • Bayek: Thy souls rejoined. Without diminution and without defect, unto Ra eternal. It is promised.
  • Het: Perhaps... The Annul of the Gate? It records all who enter. But it a forbidden codex heavily guarded in the Lodge of Names.
  • Bayek: If your wife is here, I will reunite you.
  • Het: Take this remembrance, she will know it. An eternity of blessings on you, brother.

Het passed his wedding band to Bayek.

  • Het: The bread, the incense, I gathered it all, but the ritual did not work.
ACO Love or Duty 4

Bayek arriving at the Lodge

Bayek travelled to the Lodge of Names, where it was heavily guarded by Anubis warriors.

  • Bayek: The Lodge of Names, the scrolls of the dead will be here.

Bayek eliminated the guards and entered a building filled with scrolls. He read a large scroll.

  • Bayek: Her name changed to Yinepu when she entered the afterlife! Would Anubis have decreed this? I could reattempt Het's ritual with her true name. He spoke of bread and incense...
ACO Love or Duty 6

Bayek recovering the bread

Bayek travelled to the Royal Bakery, where the bread are made in. He destroyed a pot and recovered a loaf of bread.

  • Bayek: The ritual loaf for the Ren ceremony, I need a few more.

Bayek recovered three more loafs of bread. He then collected incest from a pot.

  • Bayek: I must find a brazier for Het's spell.

Bayek travelled to the Palace of the Lady of Grace, where he found a brazier at the back of the palace. He put the bread and incest into the brazier, performing the ritual.

  • Bayek: Nefer en Yinepu pen hena ren-f anx Yinepu pen hena ka-f.
ACO Love or Duty 8

Bayek following the Ren

A ball of light emerged from the brazier and left the palace.

  • Bayek: Is that the... Ren? It draws me after it!

Bayek followed the light, which went into an Anubis Warrior in the House of Libations.

  • Bayek: The Ren, it fled into the servant of Anubis. I must release it!

Bayek killed the Anubis warrior, freeing the Ren. An apparition of an Anubis servant appears. Bayek handed over Het's wedding band to the servant. A flashback of Anuke was shown, in which she attempted to help a young lady who was being beaten up by various bandits. Anuke eliminated one of them being have her neck snapped by the other. Anuke woke up facing Bayek with Anubis behind her.

  • Anubis: You gave her peace. She was my sword for a millennia but all are reunited when duty is done. And so shall it be for you.

Anuke exchanged a nod with Bayek before disappearing.


Bayek discovered that Het's wife entered the afterlife with a different name, thus resulting in her not being at his side. Eventually he reunited both of them through Het's ritual, gaining a bow in the process.



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