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The Assassin Brotherhood of New Orleans was a small branch of the Assassin Brotherhood run by the Assassin Mentor Agaté. Their primary goal was to eliminate Templar control in the colonies of New Spain. They also targeted corrupt businessmen to improve the economy.



In 1758, after the execution of the Haitian Assassins' Mentor François Mackandal by the Templars, one of his apprentice, Agaté, decided to leave Saint-Domingue to join his former lover, Jeanne. Arrived in New Orleans, he learned that Jeanne had left Louisiana a year before but also that Jeanne had a daughter, Aveline de Grandpré. Agaté decided to stay in New Orleans to protect her. In 1759, Aveline, who got in trouble after rescuing slaves, was saved by Agaté. Seeing Aveline's potential and her desire for justice and freedom, Agaté took her as an apprentice and inducted her in the Assassin Brotherhood after months of training. The same year, Gérald Blanc, a friend of Aveline, was also recruited by Agaté to become a spy and a logistician for the brotherhood. Then they established a network of servants through the city to discover the Templars' schemes.

Investigating the disapearing slaves

Key to the Problem 2

Aveline and Gerald, the only two Assassins of New Orleans

In 1765, slaves in the New Orleans began to disappear and Aveline investigated on the matter. Her investigation led her to Rafael Joaquín de Ferrer, a notable Templar who worked with the French governor of Louisiana Jean-Jacques Blaise d'Abbadie. Infiltrated the Governor's Mansion, Aveline learned that Abbadie gave slaves as workers for the Templar known as the Compagny Man. In exchange the Templars would keep the colony French. After the depart of de Ferrer, Aveline killed the governor and leave the mansion.

The Eve of Saint John

The False Mackandal 2

Agaté giving a blowpipe to kill Mackandal impostor

In 1766, Agaté learned that a person who impersonated François Mackandal tried to take over the smuggling operations in the Bayou. He send Aveline to discover who was the impostor. During her inverstigation, Aveline saved the smugglers Élise Lafleur and Roussillon who were attacked by Mackandal's followers. With their help, she discovered that Mackandal prepared a sacred ceremony at the Eve of Saint John. The Houngan of San Danje gave her the localization of the ceremony but also an antitode to Mackandal poison. At the ceremony, Aveline uncovered the truth: Mackandal was in fact Baptiste, a former Assassin and apprentice of Mackandal, who worked for de Ferrer. Baptiste planned to poison the nobles of New Orleans to avenge the death of the slaves of Saint-Domingue and also to be inducted in the Templar Order. Aveline engaged Baptiste but she was poisoned by the former Assassin. Thanks to the antidote of the houngan, Aveline survived and killed Baptiste.

Louisiana Rebellion

In Vino Veritas 6

Aveline and Gerald stealing a gunpowder carriage

After the deah of Jean-Jacques Blaise d'Abbadie, the post of governor was taken by the Templar Antonio de Ulloa. In 1768, the new governor placed strict trade laws and restrictions over the colony in order to benefit the Templar Order. Then the French Creoles rebelled against the spanish governor. Aveline, who continued to investigate on slaves disparition, decided to interrogate Ulloa to know where the slaves were send. Aveline incented the population to a massive riot, thereby Ulloa would left La Balize. With Gerald, she stole gunpowder which exploded during their escape and later she sank spanish ships. When Ulloa decided to leave Louisiana, Agaté tasked Aveline to assassinated the governor to prove her loyalty. But Aveline spared Ulloa's life and the Templar gave her the information that the slaves were brough to a work camp in Chichen Itza and also a lens used to decipher encoded Templar documents. After revealing to Agaté she spared Ulloa, the Mentor forbade her to go to Mexico, but Aveline ignored his order and embarked as a slave in a Templar ship to Chichen Itza.

Searching the Prophecy Disks

The Secret of the Cenote 6

Aveline meeting her mother

In 1769, Aveline reached Chichen Itza and discoverd that the slaves worked and live freely on the excavation site and in exchange the Templars protected them. But in fact De Ferrer brutalized every worker who didn't followed orders. Aveline explored the camp and discovered clues that her mother was there. In her diary, Aveline found a map of a Isu Temple under the site. In the Temple, the Assassin found a part of the Prophecy Disks, a Pieces of Eden, but de Ferrer and his men entered in the Temple by explosing a wall. The Templar asked for the artefact but Aveline killed him and his guards and escaped from the collasping Temple which was fragilized by the explosion. Aveline left Chichen Itza after her mother rejected her after she discovered her daughter was an Assassin.

Power of Voodoo 4

Agaté explaining his plan

In 1771, Aveline returned to New Orleans. Gerald learned her that a faction of rogue spanish soldiers the bayou. During her investigation she discovered that a Templar named Vázquez brinbing spanish soldiers to take over the bayou. Aveline prevented Agaté fearing that he was targeted by the Templars. After an argument, Aveline revealed she had a Prophecy Disk but Agaté demanded to hide the artefact. After that, the Mentor and his apprentice scared the soldiers by poisoning them to make them believe they were under a voodoo curse. Later, with the help of the bayou's smugglers, Aveline stealing supplies from Vasquez's ship and found a document ordered to reclaim the work site of Chichen Itza. Then Aveline decided to go to Mexico.

In 1772, Aveline arrived to Chichen Itza. The Assassin met her mother who decided to help her to find the second Prophecy Disks to force the TEmplars to leave the place. With her map, Aveline reached the artefact. After Aveline proposed to her mother to returned to New Orleans but Jeanne decided to stay to survey the community in Chichen Itza. Aveline accepted her mother choice, promised to remain in contact with her and returned to New Orleans.

Hunting the Compagny Man

A Fool's Errand 11

Aveline with Ratonhnhaké:ton in New York

In 1776, Aveline resumed her quest to uncover the identity of the Compagny Man. With the war between the Colonies and the British Crown, the Governor of Louisiana supplied the Patriots via the smugglers of the bayou. But Vázquez send soldiers to attack the smugglers but Aveline defended them. Believing Vázquez was the Compagny Man, Aveline deciced to kill him. During a night ball, Aveline infiltrated the party and killed Vázquez. In his last moment, the Templar revealed that he was not the Compagny Man. In fact the Compagny Man was a woman.

In 1777, Gerald learned with the help of the Colonial Assassins, that a Loyalists officer named Davidson worked for the Comppagny Man. Aveline went to New York to find him. With the Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton, Aveline infiltrated a fort where Davidson was hidding. There she discovered that Davidson was in fact George, a slave she helped to flew Louisiana a year before. George tried to escape but Aveline shot on the gunpowder on his carriage which explosed. Mortally wounded, George revealed the identity of the Compagny Man: Madeleine de L'Isle, Aveline's stepmother.

Confronting Agate 8

Agaté commiting suicide

Returned in New Orleans, Aveline confronted Madeleine. Her step mother recognized she was the Compagny Man but revealed she knew for a long time that Aveline was an Assassin. Madeleine incisted on the fact she loves her as a child and that she let her lived to eliminate unethical members of the Templars. Madeleine asked to Aveline to join the Templar Order and to kill her mentor to prove her new allegiance. Aveline went to her mentor's safehouse to organize a plan to lure the Templars. But Agaté believed that his apprentice betrayed the Brotherhood and decided to kill her using hallucinogic gases. Aveline defeated her mentor and spared his life but Agaté refused considering it was a fate worst than death and commited suicide.

Erudito 7

Aveline dicovering the message of the Prophecy Disk

In the Saint Paul Cathedral, Aveline brought Agaté's necklace as a proof she killed her mentor to Madeleine and also the two Prophecy Disks. Then Madeleine inducted her step daughter to the Templar Order and reunited the two disks but failed to understand the message which contained. She realized it missing another artefact: the Heart of the Brotherhood, which gave to Aveline as a pendant by her mother years earlier. Madeleine ordered to kill Aveline but the Assassin killed her and the others Templars. Aveline understood that Madeleine forced her mother to flew New Orleans and also poisonned her father. Madeleine repleided she made it for the good off humanity and Aveline finished her. Using the Hearth, Aveline discovered the message of the Prophecy Disks: the election of Eve as the leader of the Humans during the Human-Isu War. Afterward, Gerald arrived and Aveline said to him that it was done.




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