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The Assassin Brotherhood of New Orleans was a small branch of the Assassin Brotherhood run by the Assassin Mentor Agaté. Their primary goal was to eliminate Templar control in the colonies of New Spain. They also targeted corrupt businessmen to improve the economy.



In 1758, after the execution of the Haitian Assassins' Mentor François Mackandal by the Templars, one of his apprentice, Agaté, decided to leave Saint-Domingue to join his former lover, Jeanne. Arrived in New Orleans, he learned that Jeanne had left Louisiana a year before but also that Jeanne had a daughter, Aveline de Grandpré. Agaté decided to stay in New Orleans to protect her. In 1759, Aveline, who got in trouble after rescuing slaves, was saved by Agaté. Seeing Aveline's potential and her desire for justice and freedom, Agaté took her as an apprentice and inducted her in the Assassin Brotherhood after months of training. The same year, Gérald Blanc, a friend of Aveline, was also recruited by Agaté to become a spy and a logistician for the brotherhood. Then they established a network of servants through the city to discover the Templars' schemes.

Investigating the disapearing slaves

In 1765, slaves in the New Orleans began to disappear and Aveline investigated on the matter. Her investigation led her to Rafael Joaquín de Ferrer, a notable Templar who worked with the French governor of Louisiana Jean-Jacques Blaise d'Abbadie. Infiltrated the Governor's Mansion, Aveline learned that Abbadie gave slaves as workers for the Templar and in exchange the Templars will keep the colony French. After the depart of de Ferrer? Aveline killed the governor and leave the mansion.

The Eve of Saint John

In 1766, Agaté learned that a person who impersonated François Mackandal tried to take over the smuggling operations in the Bayou. He send Aveline to discover who was the imposter. During her inverstigation, Aveline saved the smugglers Élise Lafleur and Roussillon who were attacked by Mackandal's followers. With their help, she discovered that Mackandal prepared a sacred ceremony at the Eve of Saint John. The Houngan of San Danje gave her the localization of the ceremony but also an antitode to Mackandal poison. At the ceremony, Aveline uncovered the truth: Mackandal was in fact Baptiste, a former Assassin and apprentice of Mackandal, who worked for de Ferrer. Baptiste planned to poison the nobles of New Orleans to avenge the death of the slaves of Saint-Domingue and also to be inducted in the Templar Order. Aveline engaged Baptiste but she was poisoned by the former Assassin. Thanks to the antidote of the houngan, Aveline survived and killed Baptiste.




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