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Louisbourg is a French stronghold north in Nova Scotia and near the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. Here the fortress was France's principal seat of power in New France.


In the year 1745, the British Royal Navy attacked the fortress and the Assassins John de la Tour, Achilles and Abigail Davenport, were sent to assist the defenders as the French were allied with the Assassins. However, after realizing it to be a futile effort, de la Tour chose to sacrifice himself in saving the Davenport couple which the two fled the fortress that was captured by the British soon after. The fort was returned to the French through signing the Treaty of Aix-Chapelle.

Later at the year 1758, British forces again attacked the fort, starting the Siege of Louisbourg. The Assassin Adéwalé attempted to destroy British ships using fire ships but the Templars intercepted him, and with the help of James Cook with the use of his ship, the HMS Pembroke, managed to destroy the fire ships as well the ships sent by thr French Navy. With Louisbourg captured and later destroyed in order for the French unable to recapture it, the tide turned to Britain's favor, enabling them to win the war by 1763.


  • Fort de Sablé resembled parts of Louisbourg and is quite similar, indicating that Louisbourg itself was planned to be a location that Shay Cormac could visit or capture for the British.


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