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Louis XII (27 June 1462 – 1 January 1515), born Louis d'Orléans and often known as the "Father of the People", was the King of France from 1498 until his death, and the sole monarch from the Valois-Orléans branch of the House of Valois. As he reigned, Louis pursued an active foreign policy, making repeated attempts to place two Italian states - the Duchy of Milan and the Kingdom of Naples - under French control.

Once Rodrigo Borgia had become Pope Alexander VI and possessed control over the Papal states, the Borgia family allied themselves with Louis to ensure the support of the French army, as well as the loyalty from the French Templar Octavian de Valois.[1] During Louis' military conquests, he was drawn away from his throne and ruled France from afar. While fighting for the rule of Naples with Ferdinand II of Aragon, his foreign ministers ruled in his stead. These ministers were Templars loyal to the Borgia, though some of them were eventually killed by Assassin recruits sent by Ezio Auditore da Firenze.[2]

Even after the fall of the Borgia, the Templars continued to exercise their influence on King Louis. Around 1512, his Templar advisors persuaded Louis that the Assassins were behind Marseille's threats of secession from France; as such, he ordered all Assassins banished from the city. Without resorting to violence, the Assassins stopped his army's efforts, and proceeded to recruit disgruntled soldiers from the army. The traitorous advisors were then dispatched by the Assassins.[3]

Intending to curb the Venetian influence in northern Italy, Louis joins the League of Cambrai created by Pope Julius II, that served as an anti-Venetian alliance that included the Roman Emperor Maximillian I and Ferdinand II of Aragon. The League was initially a success, but the friction between Julius and Louis caused it to collapse by 1510.[4]


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