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"Surrender and I will see that you are treated with honor."
―Louis Mills to Haytham Kenway, aboard the Providence, 1754.[src]-[m]

Louis Mills (died 1754) was a crew member aboard the Providence and a member of the British Brotherhood of Assassins.

After Haytham Kenway assassinated Miko and stole his amulet inside the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden, Mills was assigned to follow Haytham on the Providence. During this time, Mills marked barrels of cargo with white paint and threw them into the ocean as the ship progressed, in order to provide a trail that the Aquila could follow.

When Haytham was sent below decks by the captain, Mills was there to ambush him and tried to capture him. However, the far more experienced Haytham was able to kill Mills and escape.


Early life[]

Mills was born in Brighton in southeast England. The son of a sailor, he was already helping aboard boats with his father by the age of ten. At that age, he went on his first naval journey, aboard the Windward, which traveled from London to Boston. As he aged, he continued working on merchant vessels and grew a reputation of a reliable, level-headed sailor. In 1752, he joined the crew of the Providence.[1]

Aboard the Providence[]

Journey to the New World 12

Haytham speaking with Mills

On the second day of the journey, Mills was atop the upper deck along with his two crew-mates, Hector Graves and Mr. Quill. When Haytham had ventured topside from his quarters, he had attempted to stop a fight between Graves and Kenway, although he was unsuccessful. After the fight was over, and when Samuel Smythe had arrived, Mills told him that the boys were just engaging in some "sport", to cover up the brawl before Haytham went with the ship's captain.[2]

On the twenty-eighth day of the journey, Mills was drinking below deck near to where some of the crew were partaking in festivities. He had a brief conversation with Haytham, mostly concerning his two crew-members, and also spoke about how the crew had disliked the captain, who was cutting costs in ways the crew were unhappy about; Mills also revealed that he was attempting to hold back a possible mutiny. Later that night, he threw painted cargo overboard without being noticed.[2]


Journey to the New World 18

Mills dueling Haytham

For the next five days, Mills continued to throw painted cargo overboard, allowing the Aquila to follow the trail of the Providence. On the thirty-third day of the journey, the Providence was attacked, and Haytham was sent below deck. Mills then confronted him, revealing his allegiance to the Assassins and that they were pursuing Haytham for the assassination of Miko at the Theatre Royal. He offered to treat Haytham with honor if he surrendered, but he asked for a sword instead. Respecting Haytham's choice, Mills handed the Templar a sword and a duel ensued between the two, during which Mills was easily killed by the more experienced Kenway.[2]


In 2015, the Templar Isabelle Ardant included his name on a list of known British Assassins. This list was later unveiled by the Assassins Rebecca Crane and Shaun Hastings when they infiltrated Ardant's office to plant a bug.[3]

Skills and equipment[]

Mills was a relatively well-educated man and a reliable sailor, working at the job for most of his life. While he carried no weapons, he knew how to use a blade well enough.

Mills was also relatively stealthy, being able to throw the Providence's cargo overboard without being caught, even by Haytham. Skilled at deception, he managed to fool Haytham Kenway into believing that he was a friend, when in reality he wanted to kill the Templar. Mills also had a sense of honor, as he handed the unarmed Haytham a sword rather than attempt to kill him immediately, despite knowing the risks.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

There is a discrepancy in the database regarding Louis Mills. In his database entry, it is said that Louis began having second thoughts about being a sailor in 1755. However, he was killed by Haytham a year prior, in 1754.