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Louis-Joseph d'Albert de Luynes, Comte d'Albert (1 April 1672 – 1 November 1758) was a French aristocrat, soldier of the French Army, politician and a member of the French Brotherhood of Assassins.


In 1690, d'Albert and two other Assassins were sent by their Mentor to recruit a skilled epeist and singer, Julie d'Aubigny, but due to d'Albert's vanity and misogyny, a fight erupted. The three Assassins were defeated and d'Aubigny impaled d'Albert through the shoulder with her sword. In the report redacted by the Master Assassin Maréchal, he stated that d'Albert was an "ass" and that no more missions of recruitment were to be assigned to him, as "no porcelain should be entrusted to a baboon".[1]

Eventually, despite a difficult first contact, Julie joined the Brotherhood, with Maréchal personally training her to hone her skills in acting.[1]


  • Historically, d'Aubigny fought in a duel and wounded a young nobleman who had insulted her while she was wearing men's clothing. The next day, she asked about his health and found out he was Louis-Joseph d'Albert Luynes. Later, one of his companions came to offer d'Albert's apologies. She went to his room and subsequently they became lovers and, later, lifelong friends.



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