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ACRG Louis-Joseph Gaultier de La Vérendrye - Concept Art

Concept art of Louis-Joseph

Louis-Joseph Gaultier, Chevalier de la Vérendrye (9 November 1717 – 1760) was a French-Canadian of noble upbringing and a member of the Assassin Order operating in North America during the Seven Years' War. He captained the Gerfaut, a Man O' War.


Frontiersman and fur trader, Louis-Joseph and his family pushed trade and exploration west from the Great Lakes. They are thought to be the first Europeans to have crossed the northern Great Plains and seen the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming.

After Louis-Joseph met and aided Achilles Davenport and Liam O'Brien, he gladly joined the Brotherhood. Chevalier later met Liam's friend who had recently joined the Brotherhood, Shay Cormac, and took an instant dislike for him, to which the feelings were mutual.

In 1752, Chevalier was supposed to meet up with Liam and Shay, to aid several smugglers. However, the smugglers were captured and Chevalier's ship was under attack by British ships. Frustrated by the pair's late arrival, Chevalier engaged Shay in a brawl before Liam cut the fight against the two assassins

Shay infiltrated a sloop-of-war called the Morrigan and freed the captive smugglers. Chevalier and Liam helped to subdue the British sailors on board, and took control of the ship. The Morrigan sunk the British ships that were attacking the Gerfaut, allowing Chevalier to return to his ship.

Much later, the Gerfaut was severely damaged and rendered unseaworthy temporarily. He met up with Liam and Shay to track down the Templar Samuel Smith, who was in possession of the Precursor box. Although Smith's schooner led the Morrigan into a skirmish and attempted to deter the pursuers with burning oil, Shay gave chase and eventually assassinated Smith on the island of Terra Nova, and recovered the artifact.

When a disillusioned Shay stole the manuscript from Achilles, Chevalier commanded the Gerfaut to bombard the Davenport Homestead with mortar fire to stop Shay. Chevalier and the other Assassins later cornered Shay at a cliff. When Shay attempted to leap into the water, Chevalier shot Shay in the shoulder, causing him to fall to his apparent death.

In 1760, aboard the Gerfaut, Chevalier clashed with Shay in the Arctic. However, despite the Gerfaut's larger size and firepower, it was disabled by the Morrigan. Shay boarded the Gerfaut and fought with his former rival, eventually defeating him. Shay realized that Chevalier was merely a distraction to give Achilles and Liam a head start in their race to a precursor site. In a fit of rage, Shay threw Chevalier into a watery grave.


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