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Lost and Found was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


An argument between a captain and his crew drew Kassandra's attention at Lestris.


In pursuit of the shipwrecked supply of miltos, Kassandra found a pirate captain accosted by his crew on the island of Lestris.

  • Soldier: Every time, Gotarzes!
  • Gotarzes: Now, I know the situation doesn't look good...
  • Thug: Doesn't look good! We're fucking marooned!
  • Gotarzes: You can't blame me for the rocks.
  • Thug: You're the captain. We fucking blame you for crashing!

Kassandra approached the pirates.

  • Thug: It was simple. An unarmed merchant ship! You gave that to Poseidon, and then ran us onto the rocks.
  • Gotarzes: We aren't far from Keos. Someone'll find us.
  • Thug: I hope the sharks find you first.
  • Kassandra: Stop!
  • Thug: Keep the fuck out of this. the captain's gonna get what's comin' to him!

(If players choose "What's going on?")

  • Kassandra: What has this man done?
  • Thug: What hasn't he done?
  • Kassandra: Did he offend you—poor, delicate pirates?
  • Thug: Should never have agreed to work with this malákas. We finally get a job from Xenia, and he sails us into the fucking ground.

(If players choose "Why are you here?")

  • Kassandra: How did you end up on this island?
  • Gotarzes: I can explain. I am the captain...
  • Thug: Oh, we've heard enough from you, captain.
  • Kassandra: I'll hear it from the captain himself.
  • Gotarzes: As I was saying... We got into a great sea battle—which we won, thanks to me—and the victory was so sweet! I didn't notice how close to the rocks we were. A minor accident. Now, if you could just get us back to Keos?

(If players choose "This man's your captain.")

  • Kassandra: This man is your captain.
  • Thug: You can only be captain if you got a ship, and he ain't got one no more.
  • Gotarzes: I can make it worth your while if you get me back to Keos.
  • Thug: Stand aside.

  • Kassandra: Get out of my way. I'm taking Captain Gotarzes back to Keos.
  • Thug: You'll be sorry you stuck your nose in where it don't belong. He's fucked us over too many times. No, the Captain won't leave here alive.
  • Kassandra: Get behind me and stay close.

The mutineers attacked both of them.

  • Gotarzes: By the gods, help me!

Kassandra slew them all and spoke to Gotarzes.

  • Kassandra: It's your crew. Answer to them.
  • Gotarzes: Please no, you must protect me!
  • Thug: Make your peace with Poseidon, Captain.

The mutineers attacked Gotarzes.

  • Gotarzes: By the gods, help me!

Gotarzes, outnumbered, gets killed and the quest fails.

(Gotarzes lived and the mutineers lay dead. She spoke to him.)

  • Gotarzes: Some fight, eh? Thank you, stranger. Now if you can just get me to Keos, there's a reward in it for you.
  • Kassandra: There better be. You've seen what happens to people I disagree with.
    Let's get to my ship and get you home, then.

Before they could do anything to Gotarzes, Kassandra ambushed the mutineers, killing them all. She spoke to Gotarzes.

  • Gotarzes: Thank you. Knowingly or not, you've just saved my life.
  • Kassandra: And was it worth saving?
  • Gotarzes: Get me back to Keos, and I'll pay you handsomely.
  • Kassandra: We'd better get you to my ship then.

Gotarzes was given passage aboard the Adrestia.

  • Gotarzes: Ah! What a relief it will be to go back to Keos. Sure, Xenia will be angry that I don't have the miltos... But I can deal with that.
  • Kassandra: Why's the miltos so important?
  • Gotarzes: What kind of pirate are you? It's nearly as valuable as gold!

(If the Adrestia encounters and is engaged by a pirate ship.)

  • Barnabas: We've got company. Friend of yours?
  • Kassandra: You go to one symposium, and everyone wants to know you!
  • Gotarzes: I should never have gone back out to sea.

The ship eventually docked in Koressia's harbor once more. Xenia was relieved to see Gotarzes.

  • Xenia: Gotarzes!
  • Kassandra: That's... not what I expected.
  • Xenia: Gotarzes! I thought I'd lost you this time. Where's your ship?

  • Kassandra: He sailed too close to the shore. The ship got caught on the rocks.
  • Gotarzes: We were in the middle of a raging battle!

  • Kassandra: The ship is gone, but he's alive.
  • Xenia: And you think his life is worth a ship?
  • Kassandra: Ships can be rebuilt. A life cannot.
  • Xenia: You've spent too much time with Athenians.

  • Kassandra: The rocks around the isle were treacherous.
  • Xenia: Oh, I'm well aware of his nautical prowess. A goat could sail those waters.

  • Xenia: Maláka. What's important is that you're alive, brother.
  • Kassandra: He's your brother?
  • Xenia: It would be easier if he wasn't.
    What happened to the crew?
  • Gotarzes: Those dogs turned on me. If it wasn't for this misthios—
  • Kassandra: He would be dead.
  • Xenia: Then you will be rewarded, misthios.

  • Kassandra: Family is family. No reward necessary.
  • Xenia: No. I am in your debt.
  • Xenia: Your armor Gotarzes. Give it to her.
  • Gotarzes: But this was father's. It's mine by birthright.
  • Xenia: Now.
  • Kassandra: His armor—
  • Xenia: Belongs to someone worthy of it.

  • Kassandra: Gotarzes promised a reward. A substantial one, if I remember it right.
  • Xenia: Pay her, then.
  • Gotarzes: Me? But you're the one who—
  • Xenia: Come with me, stupid brother.
  • Xenia: Thank you, Kassandra. Family is family, and for his life I thank you.


Gotarzes was rescued from his self-marooning and returned to Xenia.


  • If the player refuses to help Gotarzes, he may still survive the fight for the continuation of the quest. However, if he dies, the mission will instantly fail.
  • The drachmae reward for the quest is the same, regardless of the player's final choice. The Captain's Chest chest piece, however, is Epic-grade when refusing a reward and Rare-grade when accepting one. The Epic-grade version appears to increase health in addition to both pieces' increasing of warrior damage and total armor.


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