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Lost, but Not Forgotten was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra encountered Phoibe who drank Lethe's water and lost her memory. A man with one eye took her Chara from her. Kassandra decided to get back the toy and restore Phoibe's memory.


While near the Barren Pond, Kassandra found a set of footprints on the ground.

  • Kassandra: A set of footprints. Too small to be an adult's.

Moving west, a massive set of bones caught her eye.

  • Kassandra: What could those bones belong to?

She found several toys near the bones.

Kassandra traveled further and found a small campsite. She found a note on a makeshift pillow.

  • Kassandra: What's this? A message.
  • Child's note:
    Dear mater and pater: You've never met me, and I've never met you. But it's time to change that! If you find this letter, meet me north of the Barren Pond. I will wait for you there.

Kassandra travelled north of the Barren Pond. With Ikaros' help, she found the child playing on the ground near a house and recognized her at once.

  • Kassandra: Phoibe... Phoibe!

Kassandra climbed up the hill and called to the girl.

  • Kassandra: Phoibe?

Phoibe looked up at her. Kassandra walked closer.

  • Kassandra: Oh, Phoibe. I never thought I'd see you again.
  • Phoibe: Are you a goddess?
  • Kassandra: Phoibe, it's me, Kassandra.
  • Phoibe: Nice to meet you, Kassandra.

Phoibe spotted Ikaros.

  • Phoibe: Is that your eagle?

Kassandra nodded her head.

  • Phoibe: I wish I had an eagle.

Kassandra's mouth hung open in sadness. She picked up Phoibe's hand.

  • Kassandra: I know you do Phoibe. I know you do.

Phoibe stood up.

  • Kassandra: What are you doing here?
  • Phoibe: Playing. How do you know my name?

  • Kassandra: I could never forget your name. There hasn't been a day I don't think about you.

  • Kassandra: I'm sorry if I startled you. Someone told me your name, once. And I never forgot it.

  • Phoibe: I don't remember you... Do you work for the man with one eye?
  • Kassandra: Who's that?
  • Phoibe: He gave me this water when I was thirsty.

Phoibe took out a bottle. Kassandra recognized the water immediately from previous experience.

  • Kassandra: You drank Lethe's water... Phoibe, this is very important. I need you to remember who gave you that.
  • Phoibe: I... don't remember his name. He took my toy.
  • Kassandra: You had an eagle. Like Ikaros. If we get your eagle back, maybe you'll remember.
  • Phoibe: No. I remember everything... I think.

(Asked "Where did the one-eyed man go?")

  • Kassandra: Try to think. Do you know where the man with one eye took your wooden eagle?
  • Phoibe: I think he said something about a pit.
  • Kassandra: The Pit of Deprivation?
  • Phoibe: That's it!

(Asked "What else do you remember?")

  • Kassandra: Do you remember anything from before drinking that water?
  • Phoibe: I... no. I've always been here.

(Chose "We need to get your eagle back.")

  • Kassandra: The man with one eye should never have given you this water or taken your toy eagle. We're going to get it back.
  • Phoibe: You mean steal?

  • Kassandra: Stealing is exactly what I mean. Something tells me you're going to be a natural. Want to come with me?

  • Kassandra: We're not going to steal it—just borrow. But I like the way you think. Want to come with me?

  • Phoebe: You want me to come on an adventure with you? OK!
  • Kassandra: Then let the adventure begin.

Kassandra and Phoibe made their way to the Pit of Deprivation. Along the way, the misthios struck up a conversation with the little girl.

  • Kassandra: You remind me a lot of a girl I knew on Kephallonia. Have you ever been there?
  • Phoibe: I've always been right here. What was the girl like?
  • Kassandra: Oh, she was brave. And smart. She'd say she looked up to me. But I'm the one who looked up to her.
  • Phoibe: You looked up to her?! Did you ever tell her?
  • Kassandra: No. I wanted to, but I ran out of time.
  • Phoibe: Don't be sad. I bet she knew.
  • Kassandra: That girl left Kephallonia eventually.
  • Phoibe: Where did she go?
  • Kassandra: Athens, where she was loved by people like Perikles. Does that name sound familiar to you?
  • Phoibe: Ha! That's a funny name. It sounds like a sneeze.
  • Kassandra: What about Anthousa? No one who meets her forgets her.
  • Phoibe: No... Sorry.

They reached the entrance to the pit.

  • Kassandra: OK, we're here. You'd better stay put while I go find your toy.

Kassandra leapt into the Pit of Deprivation and defeated the One-Eyed Man's guards before reclaiming the toy.

  • Kassandra: Even if this doesn't bring her memory back, we'll make new ones together.

Kassandra climbed out of the pit to return the toy to Phoibe. She held the toy out in front of her.

  • Phoibe: My eagle!
  • Kassandra: Couldn't have done it without you. Now, hold it.

Phoibe took the toy and closed her eyes, holding the toy to her chest.

  • Kassandra: Do you remember anything?

Phoibe opened her eyes.

  • Phoibe: Kassandra.
  • Kassandra: Yes, that's my name. Good, Phoibe... good.

Phoibe imagined herself falling into her reassembling memories.

  • Phoibe: I was so alone.

The Odeon of Perikles reconstructed around her.

  • Phoibe: I screamed your name.

A shadow towered over her.

  • Phoibe: You didn't come.

The shadows belonged to guards of the Cult of Kosmos, who surrounded her.

  • Phoibe: I can see their masks.

One guard stepped towards her and drew out a knife.

  • Phoibe: I can feel their knives.

Phoibe snapped out of her reminiscence, her memory restored.

  • Phoibe: Where were you?

Phoibe began sobbing, and Kassandra's eyes filled with tears.

  • Kassandra: I'm here now. I'm here.
  • Phoibe: Everyone just left me.

She dropped Chara into the dirt.

  • Phoibe: My parents, Markos, Aspasia, even you. What was wrong with me? Wasn't I good enough?

  • Kassandra: Oh, Phoibe. There's nothing wrong with you. Adults are selfish. Stupid. They don't realize how incredible a girl like you is until you're... gone.

  • Kassandra: Of course you're good enough. Aspasia should have never let you go on your own. What happened is her fault, not yours.

  • Phoibe: What do you mean?

  • Kassandra: You still don't remember. Those men with the knives and masks... Phoibe, you didn't survive that night in Athens.
  • Phoibe: No, that's not possible. I wasn't sick. I was just helping Perikles. Then... Oh.

  • Kassandra: Why don't you tell me what you remember.
  • Phoibe: Perikles was dying. Everyone who wasn't sick yet needed to get out of Athens... I thought I was alone. I was always alone. And then... Oh.

  • Kassandra: I'm so sorry, Phoibe.
  • Phoibe: I'm...

Phoibe paced around, realizing her fate.

  • Phoibe: Where are the golden fields?
  • Kassandra: You mean Elysium.
  • Phoibe: I was there. It was beautiful. But I came here to find my parents.
  • Kassandra: You traveled to the underworld to save your family? That's very brave.
  • Phoibe: Just like you went to find yours! But mine still need me. I should go to them.
  • Kassandra: Phoibe, you've been through a lot, and you've never met your parents. It's OK to be nervous. I was nervous to meet mine.

Kassandra handed Chara back to Phoibe.

  • Phoibe: I wouldn't be nervous... if you came with me.

(Asked "Where are your parents?")

  • Kassandra: Before we go anywhere, where are your parents?
  • Phoibe: I was following a clue. It said, "Those parted from their beloved are doomed to the Ixion Wheel." Maybe I'm their beloved?

(Asked "How are you feeling?")

  • Kassandra: Are you sure you're OK?
  • Phoibe: No... but a misthios taught me to always be brave, even when I'm feeling down. So, I am being brave.

(Asked "When did you get to Elysium?")

  • Kassandra: Sailing to Elysium can be a difficult journey. Do you know how long you were there?
  • Phoibe: I woke up on a boat. Everything was cloudy. Then there was light, and golden fields, and waterfalls.
  • Kassandra: Only the bravest warriors are allowed there, you know. Descending to the underworld is proof that you deserved your place among them.
  • Phoibe: Oh, I don't know...

(Leave – "I'll come with you.")

  • Kassandra: It would be an honor to be there for you when you meet your parents.



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