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Lost, but Not Forgotten was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra encountered Phoibe who drank Lethe's water and lost her memory. A man with one eye took her Chara from her. Kassandra decided to get back the toy and restore Phoibe's memory.


While near the Barren Pond, Kassandra found a set of footprints on the ground.

  • Kassandra: A set of footprints. Too small to be an adult's.

Going forward, she found a set of bones.

  • Kassandra: What could those bones belong to?

She found several toys near the bones.

Kassandra traveled further and found a small campsite. She found a note on a makeshift pillow.

  • Kassandra: What's this? A message.
  • Child's note:
    Dear mater and pater: You've never met me, and I've never met you. But it's time to change that. If you find this letter, meet me north of the Barren Pond. I will wait for you there.

Kassandra travelled north of the Barren Pond. With Ikaros' help, she found the child playing on the ground near a house.

  • Kassandra: Phoibe... Phoibe!

Kassandra went up the hill and approached Phoibe.

  • Kassandra: Phoibe?

Kassandra walked closer.

  • Kassandra: Oh, Phoibe. I never thought I'd see you again.
  • Phoibe: Are you a goddess?
  • Kassandra: Phoibe, it's me, Kassandra.
  • Phoibe: Nice to meet you, Kassandra.

Phoibe spotted Ikaros.

  • Phoibe: Is that your eagle?

Kassandra nodded her head.

  • Phoibe: I wish I had an eagle.

Kassandra picked up Phoibe's hand.

  • Kassandra: I know you do Phoibe. I know you do.

Phoibe stood up.

  • Kassandra: What are you doing here?
  • Phoibe: Playing. How do you know my name?

  • Kassandra: I could never forget your name. There hasn't been a day I don't think about you.

  • Phoibe: I don't remember you... Do you work for the man with one eye?
  • Kassandra: Who's that?
  • Phoibe: He gave me this water when I was thirsty.

Phoibe took out a bottle.

  • Kassandra: You drank Lethe's water... Phoibe, this is very important. I need you to remember who gave you that.
  • Phoibe: I... don't remember his name. He took my toy.
  • Kassandra: You had an eagle. Like Ikaros. If we get your eagle back, maybe you'll remember.
  • Phoibe: No. I remember everything... I think.

(If players choose "Where did the one-eyed man go?")

  • Kassandra: Try to think. Do you know where the man with one eye took your wooden eagle?
  • Phoibe: I think he said something about a pit.
  • Kassandra: The Pit of Deprivation?
  • Phoibe: That's it!

(If players choose "What else do you remember?")

  • Kassandra: Do you remember anything from before drinking that water?
  • Phoibe: I... no. I've always been here.

(If players choose "We need to get your eagle back.")

  • Kassandra: The man with one eye should never have given you this water or taken your toy eagle. We're going to get it back.
  • Phoibe: You mean steal?

  • Kassandra: Stealing is exactly what I mean. Something tells me you're going to be a natural. Want to come with me.
  • Phoebe: You want me to come on an adventure with you? OK!
  • Kassandra: Then let the adventure begin.

  • Kassandra: We're not going to steal it—just borrow. But I like the way you think. Want to come with me?
  • Phoibe: You want me to come on an adventure with you? OK!
  • Kassandra: Then let the adventure begin.

Kassandra and Phoibe made their way to the Pit of Deprivation. Along the way, the misthios struck up a conversation with the little girl.

  • Kassandra: You remind me a lot of a girl I knew on Kephallonia. Have you ever been there?
  • Phoibe: I've always been right here. What was the girl like?
  • Kassandra: Oh, she was brave. And smart. She'd say she looked up to me. But I'm the one who looked up to her.
  • Phoibe: You looked up to her?! Did you ever tell her?
  • Kassandra: No. I wanted to, but I ran out of time.
  • Phoibe: Don't be sad. I bet she knew.
  • Kassandra: That girl left Kephallonia eventually.
  • Phoibe: Wheredid she go?
  • Kassandra: Athens, where she was loved by people like Perikles. Does that name sound familiar to you?
  • Phoibe: Ha! That's a funny name. It sounds like a sneeze.
  • Kassandra: What about Anthousa? No one who meets her forgets her.
  • Phoibe: No... Sorry.

They reached the entrance to the pit.

  • Kassandra: OK, we're here. You'd better stay put while I go find your toy.



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