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Loose Ends was a virtual representation of one of Jack the Ripper's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


With his plans in Deptford foiled by Evie Frye and the Metropolitan Police Service alerted, Jack the Ripper sought to eliminate any evidence and witnesses that may have compromised the Assassins.


  • Jack: Jacob's sniveling twin sister thinks she can catch 'the Ripper', eh?...
  • Officer 1: What the hell is this place? This prison was shut down decades ago...

Jack disposed of the officer and entered the Deptford garrison.

  • Officer 2: Anyone care to tell me what is going on here?
  • Prisoner: Most of us don't know how we got here, but the Chief Warder will have answers for you...

Jack killed the group of policemen overseeing the abducted hostages. He then approached another group of policemen interrogating one of his target witnesses.

  • Witness 1: Stop! I'll tell you! ...It's Mister Jack who owns this place! I haven't seen him for weeks. I swear... But he'll come now, you'll see! He'll kill us all!
  • Jack: Ah. That's my cue.

The policemen, along with the witness, were slaughtered. Jack set his eyes on a second witness.

  • Witness 2: I can show you letters! The Ripper's letter!
  • Officer 3: What are you saying?
  • Witness 2: I heard the Warder readin' 'em out loud one day...made me sick, it did. I'll show you...

Jack callously murdered the policemen and the second witness. He then entered a nearby building to destroy evidence.

  • Jack: I'd almost forgotten these... There will be time for more games as 'Saucy Jack' once I've dealt with Miss Frye.

Jack destroyed the evidence and left the building. He then caught sight of a witness attempting to buy his way out of arrest.

  • Jack: Mr. Jack has special plans for you.
  • Witness 3: Let me live... I can grant you money, land... I have holdings in the colonies... Please!
  • Jack: You Templars are all the same.

The Templar and policemen were eliminated by Jack. He then entered Chief Warder John Billingsworth's area.

  • Jack: There's my favorite hangman! Looking somewhat worse for wear, poor Warder Billingsworth...

The fourth witness was kicking Billingsworth's dead corpse.

  • Witness 4: You bastard! I hope you rot in hell for what you've done!
  • Jack: You should have let the Warder hang you... It would have hurt less.

Jack murdered the fourth witness. A local group of officers were alerted.

  • Jack: Run you fools!
ACS Loose Ends 2

Jack destroying the personal effects

The officers were all killed by Jack. He then went into the building where his guests' personal effects were being stored to destroy them.

  • Jack: The Warder had orders to burn all their personal effects... The police must not find this evidence. No one must find my guests' personal effects...

Jack left the garrison.

  • Jack: It won't be long before my masterpiece will bring her running, right into my arms. I look forward to the family reunion...


Having eliminated all evidence and witnesses at Deptford that could have connected him to the Assassins, Jack left to prepare his 'masterpiece' for Evie.


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