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Loose Cannon was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Upon discovering that the machine was at the docks of Naples, Ezio traveled to destroy the Naval Cannon.


While scouting the outer docks, Ezio overheard a guard captain instructing one of their subordinates.

  • Guard Captain: Tell your comrades that only Eduardo may examine the invention up close to make the final adjustments.
  • Guard: Yes, Capitano. (Captain.)
  • Guard Captain: He travels by boat to see the mechanism now.

Tracking down and seizing the engineer by the collar, the Assassin demanded the plans for the mechanism, however, Eduardo quickly mentioned that he supported Ezio's aims.

Loose Cannon 1

Ezio interrogating Eduardo

  • Ezio: Give me the plans.
  • Eduardo: You are the Assassin, am I right? You must stop Cesare. I will help you. Let me take you to them.
  • Ezio: Grazie. (Thank you.)
  • Eduardo: Join the papal army, she said. Easy work. Good pay. Now look at me... Capitano di questa barca di merda! (Captain of the shit boat!)

Ezio followed Eduardo through a series of narrow canals, traversing the beams overhead in order to avoid confronting guards.

  • Eduardo: How will I ever get used to the smell?
    Fantastic! A new stench! As if the old one was not foul enough.
    Could Cesare find a worse task for me?

After opening at least one gate for the engineer, Eduardo soon departed after leading the Assassin to the entrance to an old store room, through which he could reach the dry dock.

  • Gatekeeper: Oh puzza (stink), smell that? Eduardo has arrived. Open the gate!

Assassinating the nearby guards, Ezio finally reached the room where the naval cannon was being kept, where he overheard several guards.

  • Guard: Is the cannon ready for testing?
  • Eduardo: We are working day and night. My men cannot go any faster.
  • Guard: I asked, is it ready?
  • Eduardo: Nearly ready.
  • Guard: Then you should stay tonight as well.
Loose Cannon 7

Ezio firing at the Borgia ships

Ezio immediately charged forward, directly assaulting the soldiers and dispatching them without effort. After burning the plans as usual, he then flooded the dry dock in order to take the naval cannon into open waters.

  • Ezio: Let us see if you can bite your master's hand, shall we?

Catching sight of several Borgia war ships moored in the harbor, the Assassin proceeded to use the cannon to set fire to their sails, dodging the retaliating arrows and cannonballs. After bringing down each ship, he finally turned and pointed the mounted cannon down towards the center of the gondola supporting it.

  • Ezio: Perdonatemi (Forgive me), Leonardo.

He fired the cannon into the war machine, and dove into the sea before the weapon exploded.


Ezio destroyed the Naval Cannon and its blueprints, sinking a couple of Borgia ships in the process.


  • This was the only memory in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood aside from the Cristina memories in which archers with bows were encountered.


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