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Loki was an Isu belonging to a group known as the Æsir and was later remembered as the god of mischief in Germanic and Norse mythology.[1]


At some point in his adult life, Loki married Sigyn. Eventually growing dissatisfied with his wife, Loki had an affair with the Dikastes of Atlantis, the jötunn giant Angrboða, from which they had three children, Fenrir, Jörmungandr, and Hel. Odin, the King of the Norse Isu called the Æsir, imprisoned Fenrir on grounds Loki deemed false. In retaliation, Loki poisoned Odin's son Baldr with mistletoe and watched from afar as the All-Father grieved over his son.[2]

Angrboða later became gravely wounded, and Loki wanting to save his lover transferred her mind into Hermes' personal Staff of Eden. It was only after this that the two learned of the Mother, the Father, and the Sacred Voice planning a seventh method of supposed salvation, Yggdrasil. The method was similar to the fifth, with the Isu's mind being uploaded to the human gene pool. Loki and Angrboða then plotted to use this plan to their advantage, although Loki stated to his lover that his rebirth would take eons.[2]

On the day of the Great Catastrophe, Loki snuck into the Yggdrasil Chamber and waited until Odin's trusted eight had uploaded themselves and left before striking, killing all the guards and scientists present. Loki then killed one of Odin's followers and took his mask before uploading himself, subsequently reincarnated into Basim Ibn Ishaq.[2]

Legacy and influence

During the 870s, a group of cultists opposed to Jorvik laid a cursed artifact within a Ritual Circle in Eurviscire hoping that the city would burn and "yield to Loki's yoke."[3]

Loki had a totem named after him in the popular dice game Orlog. The piece "Loki's Trick" would banish opponent's dice from a round. An Anglo-Saxon man in Jorvik, Eurviscire possessed the piece, which he gave to the Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan after being defeated.[4]




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