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The Lobos Silenciosos (English: The Silent Wolves), was a militant group of mercenaries in the 15th century Spain.


Formed and led by Álvaro de Espinosa, a Spanish soldier, Lobos Silenciosos were contracted by King Ferdinand II of Aragon to war against the Moorish Emirate of Granada.[1] At some point, teenaged Inigo Montañés was hired into the group,[2] and Andrea Cortés joined the mercenaries after the band had sheltered at her family's pig farm.[3] Álvaro looked after the two, taking Andrea especially under his wing.[1]

As the war progressed, Álvaro begun to have doubts. Considering the Assassins' way better than to side with the Inquisition, Álvaro attempted to talk his men into joining the Brotherhood along with him.[1] In the end, only Andrea followed him,[2] later joined by Inigo.[3]

Known members



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