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Ljufvina Bjarmarsdottir (born c. 832) was a 9th century Siberian princess from Bjarmeland who married Hjorr Halfsson, the last king of Avaldsnes who descended from the Augvald dynasty. She was the mother of the twins Geirmund and Hámund.


When Ljufvina gave birth to her twin sons Geirmund and Hámund, worried over her husband's reactions to newborns that looked so little like him, she swapped her children with that of a thrall who had also recently given birth. Four years later, she was urged by their skald Bragi Boddason to confess her deception to Hjorr.[1]

In 872, Hjorr and Ljufvina willingly surrendered their territory to the newly crowned King of Norway, Harald Fairhair, departing from the area to seek a new life.[2] By 875, they had settled in Jorvik where Hjorr served in the council of King Ricsige of Northumbria, a vassal king appointed by Halfdan Ragnarsson.[3]

Behind the scenes

Ljufvina Bjarmarsdottir is a historical figure and a character introduced in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, before appearing in the novel Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Geirmund's Saga. Ljufvina came from the Sikhirtya tribe, a mythical people belonging to the indigenous populations of Siberia. They lived by the coast, along the eastern border of an area that the Norsemen called “Bjarmeland”. She is voiced by American-Danish-Korean actress Sandra Yi Sencindiver, who also voiced Yanli in the game.