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Lively Havana was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Having arrived in Havana, Edward followed Stede Bonnet to a meeting, hoping to find a place to stay.


  • Stede: Ah... lively Havana! I've been here once before. It was a truly awe-ful pleasure.
  • Edward: See someone you know?
  • Stede: No, no, no. Just putting on a friendly face. I shouldn't want to be mistaken for a pirate again.
  • Edward: Right. Flash rogue like yourself must be cautious.
  • Stede: It's mad to think Spain and England were at war two years ago, isn't it? Here I am, bartering with Spaniards like they were my cousins. Something wrong, Duncan?
  • Edward: No. It's nothing. Sand in my hampers. So where's the best squat in town? I'm dying for a quick kip. Or a siesta, should I say?
Lively Havana 2

Edward motioning Stede to lead

  • Stede: Um... I'm just headed to a ... a public house now to meet some merchants. I could... I could show you the way.
  • Edward: Well, lead on.
  • Stede: I hope you'll tarry a bit while I conduct my meeting. It would be a great relief to have a man of your stature nearby. In case of a... misunderstanding.
  • Edward: I can hang about. I might have a drink.
  • Stede: Splendid. A drink.

Edward and Stede walked by some cages with skeletons.

  • Stede: Gracious! What a revolting sight!
  • Edward: Well they don't take kindly to pirates here, do they? Wonder how many stolen reales bought these men this perch?

They walked by a group of dancers.

  • Edward: (Hello) ladies.
  • Stede: You don't know these women, do you?
  • Edward: No - they charge money for that kind of privilege. Few dozen reales for every hour of knowing. Keen to meet them?
  • Stede: No! Goodness, no. I am a married man!
  • Edward: Married men are their forte, mate.
  • Stede: Ah! Here's a purveyor of personal defences! I should acquire a blade for myself, Duncan. Just as you have.
  • Edward: This rusty razor is nothing to admire.
  • Stede: Even so, I appear a mere kitten walking so close upon you. Perhaps a small dagger would suit me. Let's see what he's selling.
  • Edward: Maybe I'll buy a sword too, we'll both jump rank.
  • Stede: Ah, we'll be quite the pair, you and I. Twin devils!
  • Edward: Lend us a few reales then. I did save your skin.
  • Stede: Ah, uh... of course!
  • Edward: Cheers.

Edward bought a new pair of swords.

  • Edward: That's a better fit for me. How'd you fare?
  • Stede: I had only enough for a small knife, sadly. Still, it'll do in a pinch. Oh, puffer-duff... I have led us astray, Duncan.
  • Edward: Oh, no matter. I'll get us a better view. What are we looking for?
  • Stede: Uh, a tavern! With a sort of courtyard interior.

Edward climbed a church tower.

  • Stede: My goodness, you are an agile chap!
  • Edward: Every finger's a fishhook! That's how you tell a true sailor.
  • Stede: Ah ha! Yes. A fine way to put it.
Lively Havana 3

Edward surveying the area

Edward found a high spot and located the tavern.

  • Edward: I think I see the place, it's not far.

Stede was set upon by a pickpocket.

  • Stede: Ahh! Stop!
  • Robber: Ah! (Stop struggling, fatman!)
  • Stede: (Stop! Stop!) Oh! He's robbed me blind! Good god, what do I do?
  • Edward: Hang tight!
  • Stede: Oh, I can't breathe. I think my heart has stopped.
  • Edward: Stop or I'll break your knees when I catch you!
    I'm close at heel, shitbird!
    Here I come!
    Don't make me chase you into the harbor!

Edward chased and tackled the pickpocket.

  • Edward: You robbed the wrong man, mate. A fellow with dangerous friends.

Edward returned to Bonnet.

  • Stede: Duncan, by jove, you're alive.
  • Edward: Of course I am. That filch was no fuss.
  • Stede: Ah, we've arrived.
  • Edward: Take your time. I'll be just here.
  • Patron: Fancy meeting a Welshman deep in Dago country. I'm English meself. Biding my time 'til the next war calls me to service.
  • Edward: Lucky King George having a piss-pot like you flying his flag.
Lively Havana 5

A patron accusing Edward of piracy

  • Patron: Oy! Skulk! I seen your face before. You's mates with them pirates down in Nassau.
  • Edward: Shut your fucking gob or I fill it with shot. You hear me?
  • Patron: Edward, is it?

Edward knocked the man out.

  • Man: You bastard!
  • Edward: Hey, I warned him...

Edward entered into a bar brawl.

  • Edward: You want a dust-up, I'll give you one.
    Come on lads! I've seen bigger arms on a bird!
    One more! Come on!

Several Spanish guards stormed into the tavern.

  • Soldier 1: (Clear the road!)
  • Citizen 1: (Soldiers are coming!)
  • Citizen 2: (Run!)
  • Stede: You- You're not leaving me?
  • Edward: I'll catch you up!
  • Soldier 2: (English dog!)

Edward escaped from the Spanish soldiers.


Having re-equipped himself with a set of new swords and scouted out the local surroundings, Edward prevented Stede from being robbed by a pickpocket. However, he then left Stede in a tavern and managed to escape from the Spanish soldiers following a bar brawl.



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