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Liu Jin (1451 – 1510) was a prominent Chinese eunuch during the reign of the Zhengde Emperor, and the leader of the Eight Tigers.


In order to usurp his position, one of his fellow Tigers, Zhang Yong – an agent of the Templar Order – supported accusations of Liu Jin's conspiracy against the Emperor wherein Jin was stealing considerable amounts of gold and silver from the taxes.[1]

In 1506, he had the Assassin Wang Yangming expelled from court after the latter insulted him. The Assassins organized the Prince of Anhua rebellion but Liu Jin, assisted by the Templars, countered it.[1]

Upon finding proof that the eunuch was plotting to assassinate him, Zhengde sentenced Liu Jin to Ling Chi, or "the death of a thousand cuts" for two days, resulting in his demise. Young Shao Jun was one of the witnesses of his agonizing torture, the scene of which never left her memory.[1]



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