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Liquid Gold was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus 2.01.


From some source, Ezio Auditore discovered that the Templars were searching for a treasure within a decrepit aqueduct, and so he pursued them to Tivoli.


Ezio arrived at an excavation site, where he heard the complaints of the local workers, who were voicing their protest to the Papal Guard that supervised them from above.

  • Worker: How long do you expect us to work with such petty wages?
  • Papal Guard: When the aqueduct is restored, we use it to take the treasure out of the quarry. Then, you will be paid well for your efforts.
  • Worker: Enough with the same lies! I say we get back what belongs to us! Who's with me?!
Liquid Gold 3

A worker killed by the Papal Guard

The Papal Guard killed the objecting worker with his pistol, and the crowd fell silent.

  • Papal Guard: This is what happens to rebels. Let it serve as a warning to all of you. Now get back to work!

The Papal Guard turned around to look examine some papers, while the workers resumed their work. Ezio proceeded up to some lower platforms before coming across the area's first waterwheel.

  • Ezio: I wonder what that mechanism does. Maybe I can shoot it from here?

Ezio shot the mechanism, spinning it around, and caused the water trough to divert its path. The diverted water spun the first waterwheel, which then caused a winch to lift a block of stone up at the perfect height to allow Ezio to proceed to the next platform.

  • Ezio: Bene. (Good.) Now, I hope it will not snap under my weight.

Ezio used the stone block and some scaffolding to proceed to the next work platform, where a small rockslide caused a ladder to fall down, connecting his starting point to where he was standing.

  • Ezio: That could help if I fall.

Ezio proceeded to the next work platform, where he saw another waterwheel. The trough leading to it had a mechanism that was situated across the quarry.

  • Ezio: Now... how to get water to this wheel? I must find another vantage point.

Ezio used some scaffolding and a scrap of a previous trough to get to another work platform for a proper vantage point. He then shot the mechanism, causing the trough to fill with running water, though the trough did not lead to the waterwheel. From there, Ezio noticed another mechanism that would change the flow of water.

  • Ezio: That one is set. Now to align the other one. Seems I need to redirect the flow from the cistern.

Ezio shot the second mechanism, diverting the water to the wheel. With this, another winch lifted a second block of stone.

  • Ezio: Done.

Ezio used the stone block and more scaffolding to proceed forward, where he saw a water gate next to a work platform. The water gate had boards that he was able to grab ahold of, though it was far too low to allow him to proceed to the crane platform. Ezio also noticed another waterwheel mechanism not too far off.

  • Ezio: Merda! (Shit!) Perhaps this device can help me get up?

Ezio jumped to the work platform and shot the mechanism, diverting the water flow to a wheel, though the wheel was locked into position with a brake and would not turn.

  • Ezio: There is a waterwheel back there, but this brake locks it in place.

Ezio pulled a nearby lever, releasing the brake. The waterwheel spun freely, causing the water gate to lift up to the perfect height to allow Ezio to climb to the upper platform.

  • Ezio: Done. I'm sure Leonardo would be impressed.

Ezio used the water gate and a section of water trough to climb up to the crane platform. During this time, the Papal Guard turned around to inspect the workers from his balcony.

Liquid Gold 6

Ezio confronting the Papal Guard

  • Papal Guard: What is wrong with you Italians?

The Papal Guard discovered Ezio.

  • Papal Guard: The Assassin! Protect me!
  • Ezio: Why not come down and fight, coward?

The Papal Guard pulled out a pouch filled with money, and displayed it to the workers below him.

  • Papal Guard: Twice this sum goes to the man who kills him!

Guards and workers alike, fueled by the reward of money and their greed, drew their weapons and readied to attack Ezio.

  • Papal Guard: Money makes the world go round, eh, Assassin?

The guards and workers charged.

  • Papal Guard: You kill guards, but will you kill innocent workers?

Ezio hastily used some scaffolding to position himself to shoot a mechanism, which caused the crane to lift a large stone block. Using the block, Ezio navigated to another platform which held another mechanism. However, the Papal guard noticed Ezio's scheme and commented loudly.

  • Papal Guard: That machine is useless!

Ezio shot the mechanism, diverting water to a wheel. Noticing that the wheel had a twin, Ezio went back to the first mechanism.

  • Papal Guard: More of my men are on their way. Surrender now and I let you live.

Ezio shot the first mechanism once more, diverting water to the other wheel. This activated the crane, causing it to spin around with the heavy block in tow.

  • Papal Guard: Scheisse! (Shit!)

The block just narrowly missed the Papal Guard's balcony.

  • Papal Guard: Ha! You missed.

The Papal Guard then noticed that the crane was still spinning.

  • Papal Guard: Wait, stop! What have you done?!

The crane made contact on its second pass, breaking apart the Papal Guard's balcony, though the Papal Guard himself barely dodged the deadly blow. However, the shattered fragments of the balcony formed a convenient ramp up to where the Papal Guard was.

  • Papal Guard: I have to get out of here!

The Papal Guard used a lift to propel himself up the quarry wall, and Ezio gave chase. Following this, the Papal Guard ran along the ruins of the aqueduct, breaking apart bridges, using lifts, and shooting his pistol to try to hinder Ezio. Eventually, at the edge of the water flow, the guard waited at the edge. As Ezio climbed up after him, he was greeted with a pistol in his face.

Liquid Gold 10

The Papal Guard holding Ezio at gunpoint

  • Papal Guard: Forget the treasure. I will be granted riches beyond belief when I bring Cesare your head!

The Papal Guard pulled the trigger, but the gun did not fire.

  • Ezio: Perhaps I will send him yours.

The Papal Guard threw the useless pistol at Ezio.

  • Papal Guard: Nein! Nein! Nein! (No! No! No!)

The guard then fled into the nearby treasure cavern, with Ezio hot on his tail. Eventually, cornered at the door to the treasure room, the guard made his final stand, though Ezio eventually killed him. Afterwards, the Assassin pulled a lever, which opened the door, and he then claimed the Templar treasure within. Ezio then opened the back door, proceeded through a short stretch of cave, and performed a Leap of Faith into a cart of hay destined for Rome.


Ezio killed the Papal Guard overseeing the aqueduct and retrieved the Templar treasure.


  • The Papal Guard in this memory is revealed to be German.


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