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Lights Among the Dunes was a visual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Prophets proclaim that the Desheret Desert is the source of a wicked presence in Egypt, and in fact many nomads have claimed to have seen eerie lights and inexplicable movements in that region.


Several voices are heard across the south of Memphis. In Krokodilopolis, a man, desperately, shouted to the soldiers in Neorion Naval Arsenal, trying to get their attention.

  • Man: I have news from Thebes! Come listen!
  • Man: Soldiers! Hear me!

In Hermopolis, close to the Temple of Thoth of the world was getting closer.

  • Woman: Come listen! Our earthly travails have come to an end!
  • Woman: Hear me! The world will soon be no more! We will all walk in the Duat together!

A man shouting at the people about the rumors from Thebes.

In Kerke, near a temple, a man, warned the people there about the dangers this new threat brings.

  • Man: Come, listen! Everyone!
  • Man: Will no one listen to me? We are all in danger!

Bayek, intrigued by the man's words, approached to him to hear closely.

  • Man: Rumors from Thebes abound! The gods are angry! Stories of horror unimaginable, brought forth by golden light from the gods!
  • Bayek: "Golden light from the gods!" on the road to Thebes? I may want to investigate these "horrors".
  • Man: Join me, Egyptians, we must redouble our tributes to Osiris and Iset. To Horus and Hathor! To Apep and Geb! We must keep Amun-Ra in our thoughts at all times.

Bolts of Lightning coming out from within the tomb.

Bayek went to the northern part of Upper Egypt, Desheret Desert, to investigate the true nature of those rumors. When he reached Seth-Anat Tomb, he noticed strange lights coming out from within it.

  • Bayek: This was not like this when I last came. It is the light I saw in Siwa.

Bayek got closer, attracted by the bolts of lightning created within the vast artificial canyon. Suddenly, a corpse rose up from the sands.

  • Bayek: What sort of men are these?

An undead soldier attacking Bayek.

Without hesitation, the undead soldier attacked Bayek.

  • Bayek: He smells like death!

The Siwan defended himself, and when he struck the fatal blow, the undead man turned to sand. As Bayek approached the Egyptian Vault of Qeneb.too Kah'Aiye, more of these undead warriors attacked him.

  • Bayek: Have the dead risen?
  • Bayek: Some dark spirit has unleashed these soldiers.
  • Bayek: Do I dream?

When the Hidden One reached the Vault, he found one man lying on the ground, wounded.

  • Parh: Aaah! My leg. Help me!

Parh calling for Bayek's help.

Bayek got closer to the man.

  • Parh: I was lucky to be alive. I was attacked by corpses dressed like soldiers.
  • Bayek: I met them myself. How did you come to be here?
  • Parh: I came here in search of the Lost Army of Cambyses.
  • Bayek: That is an old legend. Thousands of men lost forever in a sandstorm.
  • Parh: I believe they carried much gold. As I approached, I saw a golden light. "At last" I thought, "The gods have chosen me for the treasure of the Lost Army!"
  • Bayek: Are you an adventurer or a grave robber?
  • Parh: A man must live. I entered and saw many bodies, dead these centuries. And beyond them, a glowing object. I grabbed it and immediately heard strange sounds. I quickly loaded it onto my camel when suddenly horrifying soldiers attacked! The camel fled into the desert.
  • Bayek: Here. I will help you get to safety.
  • Parh: No. You must find my camel and bring back the glowing object. I am certain that it brought the Lost Army back from the dead.
  • Bayek: I will find out what happened. Stay hidden here.

A corpse close to the Teletransportation Platform caught Bayek's attention.

  • Bayek: This is a soldier. Could the Legend of the Lost Army of Cambyses be true?

Parh's camel lying dead on the sands surrounded by villagers.

Determined to put an end to that terrible disturbance, Bayek went northwest from the Tomb, where a bright beam of light emerged from the sands to the sky, as he fought the undead soldiers. When the Hidden One reached the source of that light, he found ten villagers around the corpse of the adventurer's camel, worshipping the strange object. Bayek got closer to the body of the animal.

  • Bayek: Poor animal. This is it.

The Unknown Artifact.

As soon as Bayek touched the object, it suddenly reacted to his touch, bursting all into flames. That caused the villagers to go berserk.

  • Unidentified Artifact:
    A translucent stone that shines brightly. It radiates a heat beyond anything felt in the desert sun.
  • Bayek: What possesses these men?

As before, the Siwan protected himself and killed all those villagers which corpses turned to sand as well. When he thought he was done with that, three undead soldiers rose from the sands. When he struck them down, the fires disappeared. Bayek found himself dizzy, with no marks made by the flames left. The camel's corpse wasn't burned at all. It was all an illusion.

  • Bayek: I must return it to its place and end this nightmare.

An undead horseman on fire.

As he went back to the Isu Vault, more undead soldiers, this time riding horses on fire, went after him. Bayek battled them all again as he approached the tomb. Once there, he went to meet Parh.

  • Bayek: I have recovered the object!

But he found only silence. Parh wasn't there.

  • Bayek: Where has he gone? Are you here?

The Hidden One approached to one of the four pillars holding the roof of the Vault. There, a figure resembling a Memory Seal was glowing. In the center of it, there was a hollow space.

  • Bayek: Something must be behind here.
  • Bayek: Let's get you where you belong.

Undead soldiers prepare to attack Bayek.

When Bayek put the Artifact back in its place, it caused another illusion. This time, Bayek was surrounded by undead soldiers. As he struck one down, more rose from the ground. The Hidden One tried to escape from the tomb, but as soon as he got out of there, he passed out. A few moments later, he woke up.

  • Bayek: Where am I?

Bayek wasn't in the tomb anymore, he was in a village near Hermopolis, resting on a bed. Suddenly, a woman appeared.

  • Woman: Ah, you're awake at last.

Bayek talking with one of his rescuers.

Once dressed up, the Hidden One talked with the woman.

  • Woman: We found you wandering dazed in the desert.
  • Bayek: Where is the adventurer? And the object?
  • Woman: We found only you, muttering about the "Lost Army".
  • Bayek: I battled with soldiers returned from the Duat.
  • Woman: Let us pray you were simply overcome by heat! These strange rumors from Thebes terrify everyone. Pray Osiris that none are true!

Before he left the house, Bayek asked the woman about the rumors from Thebes.

  • Bayek: Tell me more about these rumors from Thebes.
  • Woman: Stories too strange to repeat. I am sure they are foolish fantasies, but I will not go there myself.
  • Woman: That eagle deserves your thanks. Nomads saw it circling the desert.
  • Bayek: She is a good friend.


After witnessing all these strange lights, fighting undead soldiers, and receiving a letter from Amunet where she wrote about an unknown artifact, Bayek embarks on a trip to Thebes, in Upper Egypt, to find out the true nature of these events.


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