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ACU Light Halberd

Light Halberd

The Light Halberd was a lightweight halberd that was acquired by the Assassin Arno Dorian after his assassination of the Templar Frédéric Rouille during the French Revolution.


As its name suggests, the light halberd was a halberd intended to be less heavy and cumbersome than the average halberd. This was meant to be accomplished by a reduction in the size of the axe blade though the spike retained the usual length. Aside from being smaller, the axe blade and its hook also bore gaps to further minimize their mass. Despite this design, the Light Halberd was no less deadly than a typical halberd; its axe blade was elaborately flanged with keen, miniature hooks of its own while the rear beak tapered sharply. As with any halberd, the beak was effective at grappling enemies at range, contributing to the versatility of the weapon. Overall, it was a superior polearm to that of standard halberds and was a moderately powerful weapon.[1]


During the French Revolution, the Light Halberd came into the possession of Arno Dorian, an Assassin of the Parisian Brotherhood, in the aftermath of his assassination of the Templar Frédéric Rouille. This occurred on 2 September 1792 while Rouille was storming the Grand Châtelet as part of what would become known as the September Massacres.[1]

Weapon statistics

Level Damage Parry Speed Range Cost Modifiers
* * * 3 3 3 4 N/A Additional damage: +25%


  • The Light Halberd is a weapon in Assassin's Creed: Unity rewarded to the player upon completion of the story memory September Massacres.
  • Despite its name and description, the Light Halberd's Speed stat, an indicator of a weapon's weight, is no different from any other long weapon in the game, especially not from the standard halberd. Instead, it is superior in Damage and Parry.



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