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Kassandra: "You mentioned a "Ligeia." She's—"
Bryce: "Beyond beauty, beyond grace... A Daughter of Artemis. Brave—not like me."
Kassandra and Bryce discussing Ligeia[src]-[m]

Ligeia (died c. 422 BCE) was a member of the Daughters of Artemis who lived on Lesbos during the Peloponnesian War. She disappeared in mysterious circumstances shortly before her death.


A member of the Daughters of Artemis, Ligeia was considered a good hunter, but also a daredevil, for she tended to rush into battle, heedless of the danger.[1][2]

At some point, Ligeia met and fell in love with the Lesbian Bryce.[3] They turned one of the dilapidated houses among the ruins within the Petrified Valley on Lesbos their hideout, decorating it with flowers, meeting each night there to enjoy each others' company and the poetry of Sappho.[4]

However, one night they were supposed to meet at their hideout, Bryce ran late because she wanted to find a rose that was "as perfect as [Ligeia] is."[4] Apparently tiring of waiting, and hearing the sounds of battle, Ligeia left their place and approached the strange ruins among the petrified trees. There she came across mercenaries, among them Zetes, fighting the Writhing Dread. Leaping into the fray, Ligeia dealt the killing blow to the creature. However, as the creature died, it apparently dropped an artifact, and Ligeia picked it up. The power of the artifact seized her, and transformed her into the Writhing Dread.[2]

Some time later, Bryce and the Spartan misthios Kassandra sought to discover what had happened to Ligeia, and save her if possible.[4]


"—only the Writhing Dread would be strong enough to take Ligeia! She's too fierce. ...And too stubborn."

Ligeia was described by her lover Bryce as both beautiful and graceful, as well as brave, fierce, and stubborn.[4] A Daughter of Artemis meanwhile expressed belief that Ligeia was in the habit of "nearly [getting] eaten" on a regular basis, suggesting foolhardiness.[1]

Behind the scenes

Ligeia, a character in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, shares her name with one of the sirens in Greek myths.



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