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This article is about the group of Roman era Assassins. You may be looking for the Roman Hidden Ones operating at the time of the late Roman Republic/Roman Empire.

Liberalis Circulum was a group of Hidden Ones active throughout the territories of the Roman Empire[1] circa 259 CE. It was founded by Lugos, and its members operated in even the far reaches of the Empire such as modern-day Spain and Germany.

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Sometime in the second century, Lugos, who would create a group of Roman Assassins known as the Liberalis Circulum (Circle of Liberals), traveled to Egypt to recover two Pieces of Eden, the Ankh and the Scepter of Aset, which had been found in a pyramid by Roman plunderers. However, while carrying the two artifacts aboard his ship back to Rome across the Mediterranean Sea, a terrible storm opened an enormous waterway within the ship, causing it to sink. Before his demise, Lugos recorded a message with the Ankh, detailing the ongoing events and lamenting the failure of his mission.[2]

By 259 CE, a group of early Assassins operated as the Liberalis Circulum from the city of Lugdunum. The Roman Lucius tasked the Aleman Accipiter with obtaining a Precursor artifact known as the Ankh. Lucius' son Aquilus, who was also a cousin of Accipiter, was tasked with assassinating two Generals and a Senator, and then ordered to retrieve the artifact in Accipiter's possession.[3] However, as Aquilus reached his third target, the General Gracchus, his intent was discovered and he was stabbed by his own target.[4] Fortunately for the Aquilus, he was saved by his cousin, who gave him the Ankh, which had been finally recovered, centuries after Lugos' death. The Gaul took back the artifact to his father in Lugdunum, but it was then stolen by the Liberalis Circulum's ancestral enemies, with Caïus Fulvus Vultur killing Aquilus' father, Lucius.[3]

Aquilus tracked Vultur to Rome, where he eliminated him and his fellow conspirators and retrieved the artifact. Later, the arrest and execution of Aquilus was ordered by the prefect of his home city, but even after Aquilus' death, the artifact was successfully hidden. It was this same Prefect with whom Cuervo, an Iberian Hidden One sent to preserve the Circle's interests in Lugdunum from the Germanic armies raiding the Empire, and Accipiter were negotiating the spare of the Roman city in exchange for a significant tribute to the Alemanni.[2]

After Accipiter negotiated a truce with the Prefect of Lugdunum on behalf of the Alemanni, he attempted to rescue Aquilus, who was killed by Roman guards during Accipiter's ambush. Accipiter left the Ankh in the care of Aquilus' wife Valeria.[2]


Behind the scenes

Presented in the accusative case, the Latin name Liberalis Circulum is grammatically incorrect because the nominative form of Liberalis Circulus should have been used.



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