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Li Tong (born 1387) was a member of the Chinese Brotherhood of Assassins.


Born in the outskirts of Beijing, Li Tong was trained to become an Assassin from a young age. Her parents were followers of the teacher Fang Xiaoru, the leader of the Chinese Brotherhood.

After the Yongle Emperor, a Templar ally, ascended to the throne of China, he sent his army to round up thousands of suspected Assassins – including Li Tong's parents – and have them executed. Li Tong was able to escape Yongle's men with an Apple of Eden alongside an Assassin apprentice, who was sworn to protect her. Li Tong subsequently devoted herself to protecting the Apple and keeping it out of Yongle's possession.

On 12 August 1424, while Yongle attempted to suppress an uprising near the Gobi Desert, Li Tong slipped into the emperor's tent and assassinated him.

Following these events, Li Tong moved from Beijing to another location, though she remained a member of the Assassin Order. Li Tong had two children with Hui Zhang; Zhi Mo and Ming Wong.


  • When viewing Li Tong's bloodline, it mentioned that the Facebook user viewing Li Tong's memories was her 31st great-grandchild.




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