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Lexington and Concord was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor helped in defending Lexington and Concord from the British Army's attack, led by John Pitcairn.


Connor met with John Parker just outside Lexington.

  • Parker: Stand your ground, men! Don't fire unless fired upon! But if they mean to have a war, let it begin here!
  • Connor: Pitcairn.

John Pitcairn and his troops appeared at Lexington green.

  • Pitcairn: Disperse, you damned rebels! Lay down your arms and disperse!

Gunfire was exhanged, and several militiamen retreated.

  • Parker: What the deuce are you doing?! Hold your positions! Cravens! Traitors!
  • Connor: They are not coming back. You will have to make do with those who remain.
  • Parker: Don't you lecture me on how - Return fire! Return fire! You need to get to Concord and warn the others. Show this to whoever leads there. Should be a man by the name of James Barrett. Go on now.

Connor left Lexington with the letter for Barrett and rode to Concord.

  • Militiaman: Come on! We'll meet up with the others in Concord!
  • Militiaman: Get moving, men! We've little time!
  • Militiaman: Stick together, boys. And keep the pace!
  • Civilian: They're taking prisoners! Run!
  • Militiaman: To Concord, lads!
  • Civilian: Help! What's happening?
  • Militiaman: Get out! Everyone, run!
  • Civilian: They're taking prisoners! Run!
  • Civilian: Look! The Redcoats have taken captives! We have to help! They're over that way!
  • Civilian: No! Head for the hills!
  • Civilian: Dammit! Best get out of here!
  • Civilian: They've taken my brother and poor old Robert! We need to do something! They're over there!
  • Civilian: I'm not waitin' 'round to see what happens!

Connor killed the Redcoats and rescued the captives.

  • Militiman: I've got a surprise for those lobsterbacks!

Connor reached the North Bridge, where he met with James Barrett and William Dawes.

  • Connor: Blood's been spilled in Lexington, and there's more to come. The Regulars are on the march.
  • Barrett: You don't say? And why do you think I've men up here? Go home, 'fore you get yourself killed. I've enough to worry about without some green boy looking to play at hero.
ACIII-LexingtonandConcord 14

James Barrett explaining his plan to Connor and William Dawes

  • Dawes: I can vouch for him.
  • Connor: John Parker as well.

Connor gave the letter to Barrett, who inspected it.

  • Connor: Where's Revere?
  • Dawes: Captured.
  • Connor: What?
  • Dawes: Fear not. That man's no stranger to sticky situations. He'll be fine, I'm sure of it.
  • Barrett: Ahem! you ladies finished gossiping? Parker seems to believe you're not completely useless. So I suppose there's a thing or two you might be able to help with... When the fighting starts, we'll need to hold those positions there. They're critical to the defense of Concord. Good boys, not used to soldiering. They need someone with experience to direct 'em. That something you can do?

Connor nodded.

  • Barrett: You'd best be telling the truth.
  • Connor: You have my word.
  • Barett: Then I suppose all that's left to do is wait...

The Redcoats then came marching towards Concord.

  • Militiaman: Sir!
ACIII-LexingtonandConcord 16

Connor directing the militia


Connor prepared to go after Pitcairn.

  • Barrett: No! Ensure my men hold those positions! If the Red Devils break through, we're finished!
  • Connor: What would you have me do?
  • Barrett: Listen carefully. The Redcoats will form firing lines. Order the men to shoot just before the line is ready. Too soon and they'll miss their targets. Too late and the enemy will open fire first.
  • Connor: Understood.
  • Barett: And if any of those bastards make it through, engage them! You must keep my men alive!

Connor then directed the rebel militia, telling them how to defend the bridge.

  • Connor: Wait for the signal!
    Hold fire!
    Make ready!
    Prepare yourselves!
    Wait for my signal!
    Fire now!
    Open fire!

Under Connor's direction, the militia held the bridge.

  • Pitcairn: Fall Back! Fall Back!
  • Militiaman: We did it! They're turning tail!

Connor joined Barrett at the other side of the bridge, seeing numerous corpses.

  • Barrett: Takes a true monster to do something like this... At least they're gone.
  • Connor: I should have struck when I had the chance... Do you know where Pitcairn could've gone?
ACIII-LexingtonandConcord 19

Connor and Barrett after the battle

  • Barrett: Back into the withered bosom of the British no doubt - so that he might regroup and plan his next atrocity.
  • Connor: I need to find him. Every day I wait, more will suffer...
  • Barrett: Chin up, friend. Many who should've died today now live because of you.
  • Connor: And what of them?

Connor pointed to the corpses.

  • Barrett: We did the best we can with what we've got.
  • Connor: It is not enough.
  • Barrett: Hm. It never is.


Connor assisted in the defense of Lexington and Concord, managing to stop the British troops and having them retreat. However, John Pitcairn escaped.


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