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Lexington is a town in the Frontier located near Boston, Massachusetts. It was the site of the first battle in the American Revolutionary War.


At the start of 1755, Kaniehtí:io made camp near the town. Charles Lee and Haytham Kenway learned of her location and came to Lexington to greet her, hoping she would shed light on a precursor site after they had rescued her from Silas Thatcher's slaving operation.[1]

Twenty years later, Samuel Adams and John Hancock took shelter at the Hancock-Clarke House, fearing they would be arrested by the British Army as traitors. John Pitcairn was ordered to march on Concord, and intended along the way to meet and negotiate with Adams and Hancock. Paul Revere, William Dawes and Connor rode to Lexington, warning them to leave as they believed Pitcairn intended to kill them. Revere and Dawes rode ahead to Lexington while Connor stayed to assist the town's militia.[2]

The following morning, Pitcairn's troops and John Parker's militia confronted each other near Buckman Tavern. The quick engagement caused many of the militia to flee in terror, so Parker ordered Connor to ride ahead to Concord, and gave him a letter to James Barrett to vouch for him.[3] After the Battles of Lexington and Concord, Adams stirred up support for the Patriots by spreading rumors that the British fired first.[4]

Alternate timeline[]

In an alternate timeline viewed through an Apple of Eden, King Washington led an attack on the town to find Kaniehtí:io, who had tried to steal the Apple. She and her son confronted him, before running off to stop runners from lighting gunpowder kegs and destroying the town.[5]


  • The database mistakenly categorizes the Hancock-Clarke House as being in Boston, and inaccurately depicts it as a generic stone house.




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