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Leviathan's Maw was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


The Tempest caught wind of the escape plan and sailed her fleet to crush the stranded. Kassandra sailed out to meet the fleet head-on.


Following the execution of the escape plan, Kassandra watched the Tempest's fleet draw closer to the merchant ships.

  • Kassandra: I need to get to the Adrestia.


  • Kassandra: I have to stop those ships before it's too late.

Kassandra dove from the cliff, swam to the Adrestia, and climbed aboard.

  • Barnabas: Here they come...

  • Barnabas: Captain! The Chimera's Breath is prepped and at your command!
  • Kassandra: Thank you, Barnabas. Let's see what this thing can do.

  • Kassandra: The Chimera's Breath sure would help right about now, Barnabas...
  • Barnabas: You bet Poseidon's ass, Captain... We're working on it!
  • Kassandra: Barnabas?!
  • Barnabas: We're working on it!

Kassandra took the helm and ordered the crew to their battle stations. They sailed the ship north into the fleet's range and unleashed the full power of the Adrestia, sinking them to the bottom of the sea.

  • Barnabas: We did it!

Barnabas spotted the Skylla coming into range along with two trireme.

  • Barnabas: Captain! Another ship...
    Look at the size of that thing...
  • Kassandra: She's on there... The Tempest. Phila. She's on that ship...

The Adrestia moved to engage the Skylla and the accompanying Order ships as a more literal raging tempest swept in.

Though they began the battle without the Chimera's Breath, Kassandra and the crew bought Barnabas the time he needed to complete the weapon and render it safe for use.

  • Barnabas: The Chimera's Breath is active, Captain! Let's bring Hades to our enemies!
  • Kassandra: Time to see what this thing can do...

Kassandra sailed the Adrestia to intercept one of the support ships and opened fire with the Chimera's Breath. The flames consumed the ship with little effort.

  • Barnabas: I'm going to call you Prometheus from now on, Captain!

Barnabas cackled with glee at their glorious new weapon.

  • Kassandra: Why?
  • Barnabas: Because you've tamed fire!

While Kassandra sank the support ships, the Skylla fired several well-timed volleys and damaged the Adrestia.

  • Barnabas: Maláka! At this rate, she'll sink us!

After sinking its supporting ships, the Adrestia rammed the Skylla with full force.

  • Barnabas: Direct hit! She felt that!

Ramming the Skylla also put the Adrestia in the ideal position to sweep the Chimera's Breath across the entire deck from bow to stern. The flames tore through the ship and dealt considerable damage to its hull.

  • Barnabas: She's hurting! Keep it up!

Eventually, Kassandra won the naval duel, rending the Skylla inoperable. As the Skylla sunk, the Tempest washed ashore along with her surviving men. On the cliff above, a guard of the Order of the Ancients took stock of her failure. The Tempest dragged herself to her feet as a civilian rushed forward to check on her.

  • Civilian: Hey... You OK?

A soldier drew his sword and waved off the civilian. He continued to look down at her.

  • Civilian: You need help. You need—

The soldier thrust his sword into the civilian's abdomen, killing him. The Tempest looked up at the Order guard, filled with rage at her defeat.

  • The Tempest: I don't need anything.

The other civilians ran off scared as she stumbled from the shoreline. They stopped and turned to face the approaching Kassandra.

  • Kassandra: I've already destroyed your boat. Don't make destroy you, too.

  • Kassandra: Tempest... Neither of us has to die.

  • The Tempest: You. Amorges told me all about the Tainted Ones... It's not your fault you were born as you are, but it is your fate to die like the rest. I will do what the Order needs done.

The Order guard repositioned himself, while Darius stalked him from behind a nearby tree. Kleta joined Kassandra on the beach.

  • Kleta: Phila!

The Tempest gasped at the sight of her mother.

  • The Tempest: You—what are you doing here?
  • Kleta: There's so much I want to say, so many things... Please, give me a chance—
  • The Tempest: You had your chance! You had years!
  • Kleta: I had to protect you.
  • The Tempest: I was drowning. Who do you think pulled me out? You? The Order is my family. You're just a memory... My past.
  • Kleta: You'll never be one of them. You're a Tainted One, Phila.

Kassandra was shocked to learn Phila was the same as her.

  • Kassandra: What—
  • The Tempest: I know what I am! Amorges gave me purpose. Guided me. I'm no monster. I am the Tempest!

  • Kassandra: You don't have to prove anything to anyone, Phila. You don't have to be the Tempest. You can just be you. That's enough. Can't you see that?

  • Kassandra: You're too far gone. You're Amorges' puppet. Can't you see that?

  • The Tempest: No...
  • Kassandra: We might be Tainted Ones... But that doesn't make us who we are.
  • The Tempest: No! I control my fate. I control my future!
  • Kleta: Please, Phila. Let's just talk. You and me. Forget everything here. Come with us.

The Tempest turned away from her mother.

  • Kassandra: She needs you, Kleta.

Kleta slowly approached her daughter while the Spartan soldier next to her stood menacingly with a firm grip on his sword.

  • Kleta: Please... You still have family. You still have me.

Before the Tempest could reply, the Spartan swiftly slashed her across the torso. Phila gasped in horror.

  • The Tempest: Mater!

Phila flew into a rage and killed both of the Spartan soldiers with two swings of her sword. She sheathed her sword, and Kassandra sheathed her spear. Phila crouched down to hold her mother. Kleta briefly regained consciousness.

  • Kleta: You're my daughter, Phila. I should never have pushed you away. I have always... been... so...

Kleta slipped out of consciousness again.

  • The Tempest: Mater...

Phila began to cry, then her tears turned to rage directed at Kassandra.

  • The Tempest: This is all your fault, Eagle Bearer...

Kassandra held out her right hand beckoning her to calm down, but re-armed her spear in her left.

  • The Tempest: Your fault!

Phila drew her sword and prepared to kill Kassandra.

  • The Tempest: I'll carve you from the face of this world!
  • Kassandra: Face me!

Despite Phila killing the two Spartan soldiers already, she was one of Kassandra's most formidable opponents by herself.

  • The Tempest: They said you were tough, Eagle Bearer!

Kassandra critically wounded the Tempest, and she laughed it off.

  • The Tempest: Finally, an opponent worth my time...

  • Kassandra: Kleta! Don't! She's too far gone. She's not your daughter anymore. She's the Tempest... I'm sorry.

The Tempest let out a war cry and prepared to battle. The Tainted Ones drew their weapons as Kleta got out of harm's way.

  • The Tempest: I'll carve you from the face of this world!
  • Kleta: Phila!
  • The Tempest: I'm finishing this. You can't stop me!
  • Kassandra: Face me!

Kassandra dispatched the two Spartan soldiers that survived with the Tempest, then turned her full attention to her.

  • The Tempest: They said you were tough, Eagle Bearer!

On the outskirts of the battle, Kleta continued pleading with her daughter.

  • Kleta: Phila! Stop this! Now! Please stop! Please! It doesn't have to be like this, Phila...

Kassandra critically wounded the Tempest, and she laughed it off.

  • The Tempest: Finally, an opponent worth my time...

The two Tainted Ones exhausted each other, but the Tempest was significantly more wounded. She dropped her blade and struggled to remain standing. Darius sent the Order guard tumbling behind her. She looked at him and collapsed to her knees as he picked up her blade. The Order guard clutched his side.

  • Order Guard: Get up! Complete your mission, Tempest! It's the will of Amorges.

The Tempest attempted to rise, but fell back to her knees.

  • Darius: We are not your enemies, Phila. The Order think they control you, that you're nothing more than an instrument who kills on command. Be more than that—don't let them take away your humanity. Stand... and fight!

He held the blade's hilt towards her. Phila glanced at Darius in agreement, rose, and took up her blade. She faced the Order guard, but couldn't take more than two steps towards him before staggering once more. The Order guard clutched his side and ran away.

Phila dropped her sword tip-first into the sand and staggered to her mortally wounded mother.

  • The Tempest: Mater... Please don't die. I have—there's still so much I need to say—

Kleta could barely open her eyes, but managed to speak to her daughter one last time.

  • Kleta: You're my daughter, Phila. I have always... been... so...

Kleta's life could not hold out long enough to finish her sentence. Phila shook her head and collapsed next to her mother, succumbing to her own wounds.

  • The Tempest: Kassandra... There is no simple life for us, only death. I always knew it would end like this...

Natakas approached Kassandra and Darius.

  • Natakas: Father, the waters are open. We should get out while we still can.

Natakas and Darius took their leave with Kassandra following close behind. As the rain continued, Kassandra lamented the deaths of Kleta and Phila, but took solace in them going to the Ferryman together.

  • Kassandra: At least they're together now.

Kleta ran forward, and Phila collapsed for the final time.

  • Kleta: Phila!

Phila looked up at Kassandra.

  • The Tempest: There's no simple life for people like us, only death. I always knew it wound end like this...

She turned to her mother.

  • The Tempest: Forgive me. I should never have—
  • Kleta: I'm proud of you. I always have been. Do you hear me? I've always been proud of you. You're my daughter. You always will be.

She held out the toy boat that Phila used to play with. She smiled and accepted it from her mother.

  • The Tempest: We'll go sailing again, mater.

She rolled to her side, then prone on the ground.

  • The Tempest: Just like we used to...

Phila finally succumbed to her wounds as the boat slipped from her grasp. Kleta wept.

  • Kleta: Just like we used to.

Natakas approached the group.

  • Natakas: Father, the waters are open. We should get out while we still can.

Natakas and Darius took their leave with Kassandra following close behind. As the rain continued, Kleta mourned her daughter's death.

  • Kleta: My little girl... Mater's here... I'm right here...

Day broke, and Kassandra crouched down by the water to set the toy boat sailing into the sea, acknowledging that in death, Phila was freed of her burdens.

  • Kassandra: Darius and Natakas will be leaving soon. I should see them before they go.


Kassandra defeated Phila, ending the Order of the Storm's activities in Achaia.


  • Though the subtitle text is different, the game uses the voice file for the line "Let's see what this thing can do" when the Chimera's Breath is readied for use mid-battle, i.e. not completing Tides of War.


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