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Letters of Intent was a virtual representation of one of Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Evie met with Inspector Frederick Abberline of the Metropolitan Police Service at Scotland Yard, hoping to gain information on the whereabouts of Arthur Weaversbrook before Jack the Ripper could get to him.


Evie met with Inspector Abberline in his office.

  • Abberline: Miss Frye, please tell me you found the Ripper.

Abberline showed Evie recently published newspaper.

  • Evie: 'Murder at Owers Manor'?
  • Abberline: People continue to be murdered on my watch—I cannot protect you or your Brotherhood forever. Witnesses saw someone matching your description... I should lock you up...
  • Evie: Weaversbrook Publishing... The man from the photograph at the manor... He owns this newspaper.
  • Abberline: Miss Frye!
  • Evie: I will catch the Ripper, Inspector. But first, you must help me find Weaversbrook before he does.
ACS JTR - Letters of Intent 05

Abberline giving Arthur's location to Evie

Abberline walked to the nearby window, with Evie climbing on the window ledge.

  • Abberline: This way, you must not be seen... I believe Mr. Weaversbrook has a residence near St. Paul's. Now go.

Evie left through the office window and made her way to St. Paul's.

  • Evie: Mr. Weaversbrook is my best lead, and thanks to the Inspector, the police aren't hunting for me yet. I must be careful not to anger or harm any policemen, if I want to keep them on my side.

Evie found Weaversbrook surrounded by Rooks.

  • Weaversbrook: I'll do whatever he asks, please don't hurt my boy!
  • Rook 1: All you had to do was keep printing the letters...
  • Weaversbrook: But he's a madman! A bloodthirsty butcher!
  • Rook 2: And that's what sells newspapers, innit?

Evie defeated the Rooks interrogating Weaversbrook, giving Weaversbrook a chance to flee. Evie caught up with him afterwards.

  • Weaversbrook: What do you want?
  • Evie: I'm hunting Jack the Ripper...
  • Weaversbrook: No! Stay away! He sees and hears everything!
  • Evie: My name is Evie Frye, I'm here to help.
  • Weaversbrook: Mr. Jacob Frye's sister??
  • Evie: Yes. What happened to these men.
ACS JTR - Letters of Intent 08

Evie showing Arthur a photograph

Evie showed Weaversbrook the photograph.

  • Weaversbrook: Gone, taken, dead! Please, the Ripper has my son. He will kill him!
  • Evie: I will find your son and bring him home, sir, but first you must come with me. Now.
  • Weaversbrook: I'll accompany you to the location where my son was last seen...
  • Evie: What can you tell me about the letters?
  • Weaversbrook: I showed the one signed 'Jack the Ripper' to the police. Of the hundreds they'd examined, this one rang the most true—and so we printed it. The Yard was desperate. Still is...
  • Evie: They hoped someone would identify the handwriting...
  • Weaversbrook: No one did... Then I received this:

Weaversbrook handed Evie a letter to read.

  • Letter: You thought yourself very clever I reckon when you informed the police. I see your little game, and I mean to finish you and send your ears to your wife if you help them, if you do I will finish you. Yours truly, Jack the Ripper.
  • Weaversbrook: I published two more until Mr. Frye and my son convinced me to stop—in spite of the risk... My boy was a brilliant journalist, and now he is lost to me!

Evie and Weaversbrook approached and entered a carriage.

  • Evie: Did you learn anything from the letters that might help us?
  • Weaversbrook: I know only that they are real—and that the demon has got my boy.
  • Evie: Fear is a powerful weapon, it makes us irrational and tears us apart... Jack crafted those letters to do just that. We can't let him win.
  • Weaversbrook: You sound as if you know this monster.
  • Evie: Well enough to kill him. In more ways than one, we have both helped to create a monster.

Evie and Weaversbrook neared the docks.

  • Weaversbrook: We're here. One of my reporters was nearly beaten to death trying to look into my son's disappearance just up ahead, on those docks.

Evie and Weaversbrook stepped out of the carriage.

  • Evie: Wait here, Mr. Weaversbrook, I will be back with good news before you know it.

Evie overhead a conversation while on a rooftop.

  • Lieutenant 1: The Weaversbrook lad is on board.
  • Rook 3: Good. Mr. Jack'll be pleased. Who's next?
  • Lieutenant 1: Some Tory bastard. One of Lady O's girls is taking care of him now.
  • Rook 3: I could do with a proper bit 'o jam meself...
  • Lieutenant 1: Orders are to send lads to the pick up if anything goes sour down here...
  • Rook 3: Billy's watching the docks, he'll warn them.
  • Evie: I should scare some more information out of Jack's lieutenants, if I can find one...

Evie found another one of Jack's lieutenants.

  • Lieutenant 2: Don't kill me! It's Mr. Jack! He uses the old Hulk prison ships to keep his captives... Please...I'm just a hired gun! Speak to Warder Billingsworth. He runs a private prison for Mr. Jack in the old Deptford garrison...
  • Evie: I need to pay an urgent visit to these 'Hulk prisons ships'...right after I find Mr. Weaversbrook's son.

Evie found and freed Weaversbrook's son.

  • Son: Many thanks, Miss...
  • Evie: Frye. Your father sent me.
  • Son: And he will reward you handsomely for your bravery.
  • Evie: It is you who should be commended... Did you discover anything that could help me stop the Ripper?
  • Son: My kidnappers call him Mr. Jack. I overheard them mention the Deptford hulks, where I was to join other hostages...
  • Evie: Thank you. Be safe, Mr. Weaversbrook.



Evie rescued Arthur Weaversbrook's son and learned of other hostages being kept in the old hulk prison ships and abandoned garrison near the Deptford docks.


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