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This article is about the memory of Arno Dorian. You may be looking for the group of radical Jacobins.

Les Enragés was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno Dorian and a team of Assassins were tasked with rescuing their compatriots and assassinating Jacques Roux.


  • Roux: I've decided, child, to hear your confession.
  • Supplicant: Thank you, Father. As I protect you on earth, may you protect me in the afterlife.

Roux lay his hand on the supplicant's head, before wrapping a chain around the latter's neck.

  • Roux: You think you protect me... Who will protect you?

The supplicant was choked to death.

  • Bishop: That's Jacques Roux, basically the angriest priest in history.

Roux was shown attacking merchants amidst a riot.

  • Roux: Kill the food hoarders!
  • Bishop: He was extreme. Too extreme for Robespierre even.

The scene changed to Roux rallying a crowd, before suddenly being kidnapped and shoved into a carriage.

  • Bishop: As bad as the Reign of Terror was, Roux would have taken things to a whole new level. Templars kept Roux in their back pocket for when Robespierre fell.

The scene changed once more to Roux speaking to an extremist.

  • Extremist: I'm running out of guards, Roux.
  • Roux: Those Assassins will be coming back for me.
  • Extremist: We're counting on it. Stretch your legs. Tomorrow you lead the Terror in a new direction.
  • Roux: Make sure your masters hold up their end of the bargain.
  • Extremist: They always do.
  • Bishop: Some Assassins already failed once trying to kill Roux. We think they were captured. Find them, and then finish the job.
    If the Assassins are alive, they never left the asylum. Check the lists of prisoners and try to find them.

Arno infiltrated the Asylum's grounds.

  • Enragé 1: I heard Roux is out.
  • Enragé 2: Better get ready to move then. I hear he's getting impatient.
  • Enragé 1: Hah! That's an understatement.
  • Enragé 3: Think Roux's actually getting out today?
  • Enragé 4: I hear he's on his way down now.
  • Enragé 3: Finally, been waiting long enough.
  • Enragé 5: How'd we get stuck on graveyard patrol?
  • Enragé 6: Shut your mouth before I put you in a coffin too.
  • Enragé 5: Just asking...
  • Enragé 7: We had better get ready to move.
  • Enragé 8: Roux's out?
  • Enragé 7: Yeah.

Arno found the patient ledger.

  • Bishop: Looks like the Assassins are still alive, and they're being held in the prison. You'll want to free them before things get too crazy.

Arno snuck into the asylum's prison.

  • Enragé 9: Get back to work!
  • Enragé 10: Just resting a moment.
  • Enragé 9: I hear Roux's out of his cell. Want him to see you slacking?

Arno found one of the Assassins.

  • Assassin 1: Brother, free me! Unlock my cell, and I can aid you.

Arno freed the Assassin.

  • Assassin 1: You must be looking for Roux.
  • Bishop: Okay, Initiates, that's one Assassin free.

Arno continued exploring the prison.

  • Enragé 11: When Roux gets out of here we can just kill all these poor bastards finally.
  • Enragé 12: I can't wait.

Arno found another Assassin.

  • Assassin 2: Arno? Is that you?!
    Quickly, unlock my cell.

Arno freed the Assassin.

  • Assassin 2: Give Roux my regards.
  • Bishop: Two free.

Arno continued exploring the prison.

  • Enragé 13: If I have to stay down here much longer, you'll have to lock me in those cells soon.
  • Enragé 14: You and me both, brother.
  • Enragé 13: I hear Roux's out of his cell. Want him to see you slacking?

Arno found the last Assassin.

  • Assassin 3: Brother! Over here!
    Free me, please!

Arno freed the Assassin.

  • Assassin 3: My thanks, Brother.
  • Bishop: Ok, all the Assassins are freed. You're clear to take out Roux, you just need to find him...

Arno tracked down Roux.

  • Bishop: There's Roux. Looks like he's making the rounds before he leaves the grounds. Get him before he makes it to his carriage.
    Looks like Roux's collecting some cash from his Enragés. This might be a good chance to take him out.
  • Roux: I hope you two didn't miss me.
  • Enragé 15: Of course not!
  • Enragé 16: We have been waiting eagerly for your return, Father.
  • Roux: Everything ran smoothly while I was gone?
  • Enragé 15: Smoothly!
  • Enragé 16: So smoothly!
  • Roux: Then what is this I hear about money going missing? You two wouldn't know anything about that, would you?
  • Enragé 15: No!
  • Enragé 16: Never, Jacques!
  • Roux: I just couldn't bear it if I found out you two stole from me. You're like sons to me.
  • Enragé 15: We did everything we could to keep the business running.
  • Roux: When I met you both, you were street urchins. I trusted you, clothed you. Look at you now.
  • Enragé 16: All of the money is there, Father. Down to the sous!
  • Roux: Hm. Good. Glad I can count on you two.
  • Enragé 15: Thank you, Father.
  • Bishop: Roux's moving on. Look for another window to open up.

Arno tailed Roux and his men.

  • Bishop: Roux's stopped again. I guess some of his fans missed him while he was locked up.
  • Roux: Good to see you, men.
  • Enragé 17: It's good to see you too, Father. The men are getting restless.
  • Roux: Patience is a virtue. I trust the preparations are going well?
  • Enragé 17: The city is in chaos, and we have men stationed throughout Paris. At your signal, we will move in and take over Paris.
  • Roux: So goes Paris, so goes France. Soon the Bourgeois will have good reason to fear the Enragés. now. And Robespierre?
  • Enragé 17: His government is weak. The people have turned against him.
  • Roux: I knew that bastard couldn't rule this city.
  • Enragé 17: The Jacobins are not long for this world.
  • Roux: And neither is Robespierre. Good. Good. You have done well, expect to be rewarded when this is over.
  • Enragé 17: Father.
  • Enragé 18: Thank you, Father.
  • Bishop: Damn, he's on the move again. You're not going to get many more chances like that.

Arno assassinated Roux.

  • Bishop: Alright, Roux is dead! Now get out of there.

Arno escaped the area.

  • Bishop: The Templars just lost another weapon in the fight for the Revolution. Good work.


Arno assassinated Roux, weakening the Templars.


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