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Leofrith was an Anglo-Saxon nobleman who served as a thegn to King Burgred of Mercia during the late 9th century, until the king's deposal by the Sons of Ragnar with help from Sigurd Styrbjornson, Eivor Varinsdottir, and Ceolwulf II.


Leofrith was a thegn of King Burgred of Mercia. He also had a sister who was expecting a baby during the Siege of Tamworth. He is also a close friend of Ceolbert whom he taught him how to wield a sword. Before the Siege of Tamworth, Leofrith rallied a group of man to ambush Ragnarsson's War Camp. Causing a great chaos, Ivarr threw an axe to his back, heavily wounding and causing him to retreat. [citation needed]

At the Siege of Tamworth, Leofrith stood aside with Burgred while he spoke with the Ragnarssons. Even though Leofrith tried to convince Burgred to consider their offers, but Burgred refused with anger. He leaved Tamworth either during or before the battle begun. [citation needed]

After the fall of Tamworth, Leofrith ordered to stock foods in Ledecestre's Church and in old bathhouse, secure Lady Æthelswith in Templebrough and ordered one of her servants to acts as a decoy. He returned to Ledecestre's Bathhouse to check the progress which Ceolbert eavesdropped. [citation needed]

After Fall of Templebrough and Ledecestre, Leofrith led an army to burn down Repton. Leofrith chased Ceolbert down an isle where he challanged him to duel because of is duty to his king. After a short time Eivor came to rescue Ceolbert and tried to reason with Leofrith as attacking army had been defended and there is no need for more blood to be spilled. Regardless, Leofrith fought with Eivor. After choosing his faith, Eivor returned to the Ragnarssons with Ceolbert to tell the news. [citation needed]