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"We are both a clot and cancer. We sit heavy in water, and yet we spread like a river's current."
―Leofgifu's final words, 873.[src]-[m]

Leofgifu (died 873), also known as the Scabbard, was an Order of the Ancients Palatinus who served in the Wardens of War sect in Anglo-Saxon England during the 9th century.


Leofgifu grew up an orphan after losing her parents to a plague in Grantebridge. In order to survive, she became a bandit and eventually sought work as a mercenary, becoming an adept fighter. The Order of the Ancients took notice of Leofgifu's activities and thus recruited her. Making use of her position as a valued mercenary, Leofgifu began amassing an arsenal of weapons for the Order and quickly insulated herself into a position of command by distributing luxury goods to fellow officers, such that they would turn a blind eye to her illegal acts. By the 870s, she was based in a Saxon military camp at Utbech near the city and had two bodyguards following her.[1]

Eventually, the Viking Eivor Varinsdottir, an ally of the Hidden Ones, tracked down Leofgifu, once she finished renovating the Hidden Ones' bureau in Ravensthorpe.[2] Due to Hytham's note, Eivor headed straight to the camp and assassinated her, thereby putting a stop to her procurement of weapons.[1]


  • The name is an Old English name meaning "dear gift", combining the elements leof "dear, agreeable, beloved" and giefu "gift".