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The Lenape are a people indigenous to Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.


The Lenape were one of the first nations to come into contact with European settlers, including William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania. While the Lenape relationship with Penn was peaceful, when he died, his sons forced most of the Lenape off their land in a deal known as the "Walking Purchase".[1]

During the French and Indian War, the Lenape sided primarily with the French Army, though some groups later joined the British. The Lenape, Shawnee, and Abenaki participated in the French attack on the Braddock Expedition.[1]

During the American Revolutionary War, they became the first tribe to sign a land treaty with the Continental Congress, and agreed to supply the Patriot army with scouts in exchange for food supplies.[1]

Afterwards, relations became strained, with the United States relocating the Lenape to reservations in Ohio and southern Canada.[1]



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