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This article is about the man in the 428 BCE Olympic Games. You may be looking for the mythical king.
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Lelex the Ionian was a man from a tradition of artists and philosophers who visited the Sanctuary of Olympia for the 428 BCE Olympic Games.

While at the event, the treasury of the Ionians was robbed, and Lelex accused Makar, a man he had had issues with already in the past. Herodotos saw the men arguing and stepped in, drawing the attention of the Spartan misthios Kassandra to the row as well.[1]

Kassandra agreed to investigate the theft. At the treasuries, she found a guard who gingerly admitted to having fallen asleep, and seen only torches moving east. Noticing that the treasuries hadn't been broken into, and a note nearby detailing the theft, Kassandra concluded that the thieves were staying at the ruins in the Valley of Olympia.[1]

She made her way there, and confronted Laneira and Menon, the thieves. As Kassandra learned that all wasn't what it seemed, Makar and Lelex burst into the room as well, demanding Kassandra slay the thieves.[1]


  • Though either the children or the fathers will die over the course of the quest, the canonicity of the fates is unknown.




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