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Leiandros was a Greek man who lived in Lato in Pephka on the island of Krete during the 5th century BCE. He was the husband of Kore and the father of Amara.


During the Peloponnesian War, Leiandros took advantage of Pephka's history with the Minotaur and had created an intricate, apparently successful business out of his "Minotours".[1] His business involved "pre-trials" to test the contenders, and the 'minotours' were comprised of parties of three, who would face the "Minotaur" in the depths of the Cave of the Brave in the Dikte Plateau. The Minotaur was in fact Leiandros himself, wearing an ill-fitting, poorly-made mask.[2]

His enterprise eventually drew the attention of the Cult of Kosmos, who sought to gain control over everything in Pephka. In order to ensure Leiandros' compliance, the Cult kidnapped Amara, threatening her life unless Leiandros worked for them and kept their role in all that was going on in Pephka a secret, even from his wife. The Cult also employed bandits from the ruins of Zakros to ambush and murder the champions who dared to venture into the cave to face the "Minotaur".[2]

Unable to save his daughter, Leiandros tried to repeatedly sneak a peek at her in the ruins, but failing to see her, came to the conclusion that she was held underground.[2]

Some days later, Leiandros met the Spartan misthios Kassandra. Seeing in her just another glory-hungry champion to swindle out of her drachmae and end up as a victim of the Cult, Leiandros tried to more or less subtly warn Kassandra to stay away, but to no avail. Despite Leiandros' repeated attempts to deter her,[3] Kassandra made her way to the Cave of the Brave to slay the Minotaur, together with two other mercenaries, the brothers Araxis and Ankos.[2]

While the brothers fled in fear, Kassandra faced the "Minotaur" and slew the bandits who attacked her. Afterwards, Leiandros unmasked himself and revealed the truth of everything to Kassandra. Together, they made their way to Zakros, where they rescued Amara.[4]

After fleeing Zakros and revealing himself to be the "Minotaur" to Amara, Leiandros and Amara were escorted by Kassandra back to Warrior's Rest to the delight of Kore. The family then decided to leave Pephka, as they considered it to be no longer safe for themselves, and warned Kassandra that her deeds would bring "repercussions from people who are not known to be forgiving."[4]

Personality and characteristics

Leiandros was a timid man and was perceived by Kassandra as being cowardly at first. His nature made him susceptible to manipulation by the Cult of Kosmos, taking advantage of his con-artistry. After the Cult held his daughter at ransom, he followed their orders on the mistaken assumption they would release her.[2] When Leiandros bravely assisted Kassandra in rescuing his daughter, she took back her initial impression of him.[4]

Equipment and skills

Leiandros wore a mask made from the head of a bull. Leiandros was also a skilled con-artist, successfully conning people out of their money for some time before the Cult took over his operation.[2] His combat capabilities were low, but he was talented enough to distract guards without them killing him.[4]

Behind the scenes

The name of Leiandros, a character in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, is a combination of the Greek words λέων, (léōn) meaning 'lion', and ἀνδρός (andrós), meaning 'of man'.




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